Saturday, December 18

The Ultimate List Of Craft Show Tips

{photo credit: OneFineDae}

The holiday craft show season has launched.  Having done done a number of shows in the past, I know that preparing for a craft show can get a bit nerve racking.  I have scoured the web for the best articles on preparing for a craft show. Enjoy and good luck this season!
 25 more Links!  HERE


Sonja said...

Thanks for posting these. I am looking forward to doing a few local craft fairs this year. This information will be so helpful.


ArtBySunfire said...

Fantastic list of tips! Thanks for putting this all together for us.

timothy said...

No problem!

Laura K. Aiken said...

Great information Tim! Thank you.

Valerie said...

Oh I wrote a post like this years cool to see so many other variations. This is a great collection of tips all in one place.

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