Friday, December 31

The 2011 Etsy Sales Goal Tracker Spreadsheet (Free Download)

2011 Etsy Sales Goal Tracker Spreadsheet

With the arrival of 2011, it's the perfect time to start creating
goals for your handmade business.  Creating a sales goal helps you
know where you want your business to be and make adjustments throughout
the year to arrive at that destination.  This spreadsheet is designed to
help you see your sales goal written down, visually track your progress,
help hold you accountable, provide sales data insight, and encourage
you to succeed in 2011!

It's easy to set up and use through out the year.  You simply enter the
number of sales you want to make during the year and type in how many
sales you make each day.  Automatically, graphs are updated to show your
progress and provide insight into your sales trends (most popular days
of the week for sales, and an annual trend line of your sales volume).
It's a fun way to stay connected to your goals throughout the year!

The 2011 Etsy Sales Goal Tracker Spreadsheet is a FREE download brought
to you by the Handmadeology team.

Check out more about how to get your FREE Etsy sales tracking spreadsheet.


Jane said...

Thank you! I am making a concerted effort to write down my goals this year and will start with this download.

jewelry by NaLa said...

Thanks for this and so much more, Tim.
I'm not sure if you care about things like this, but I'd like to take this opportunity to give you the "Stylish Blogger Award" for your wonderful blog.
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