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Etsy Top 10 Christmas Edition

Etsy Top 10

63 weeks.... 630 shops featured, 114,70+ views, and over 69 direct sales that I know of! I just want to thank everyone that takes part in the Top 10.. I look forward every week to looking through all the Etsy shops and picking my Faves!

Etsy Top 10

This past weeks Top 10 items received so far a total of 1892 + hits and 2 SALE !!!!
  1. Woodland
  2. Small Red Barn  
  3. Cushion Corset  
  4. Circles and Squares 
  5. Full Moon (sold)
  6. Lavender (Sold)
  7. Olive Green
  8. Minni Marble Jotter 
  9. Racoon in the Chimmeny
  10. Castile Soap
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Anonymous said...

My favorite definitely has to be the Full Moon Necklace. Her shop is stunning.

Elizabeth said...

mmmm marshmallow castile soap is my favorite, but they are all great picks!

Meredith Laskow said...

Lots of good choices this week! The mini marble blotter was my favorite.

EmmyBo said...

As someone who grew up in Vermont, I absolutely love the Small Red Barn shop- it was tough to choose though- you've picked some great shops!

Martina Oehlinger said...

this is not easy at all - great items this week indeed!!!
but the small red barn is just what I love even though the handmade book is beautiful I ahve to say as paperlover.

billandmichele said...

My favorite has to be #1, the Woodland glass bracelet by mjmjewelrydesigns. The lampwork beads used in this shop's jewelry designs are exquisite!

barrettjonesfamily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
barrettjonesfamily said...

I love the "Full Moon Necklace." It is so beautiful!

Sherri said...

I really have 4 favorites this week but I finally made a choice ... I love a beautiful journal so I picked Minni Marble Jotter.

Zoe of Sleepy Moon Design said...

I love the full moon necklace!

ChuletinDesigns said...

My favorite is the Cushion Corset - Light blue with chocolate brown swirls from freshleaf. It is so elegant and simple.

ChuletinDesigns said...


RT @timothyadam Timothy's Etsy Top 10: 63 Weeks Running! 2 sales last week!! Enter your shop! #etsytop10
less than 5 seconds ago from web

Misobel (Mary) said...

All great items, but I love the Woodland bracelet. It's so gorgeous.

Iris McWilliams said...

What a great spot to do every week! :) What I love about Etsy and the community surrounding it, we all support each other so strongly. So many of my favorite bloggers and sellers share each other's work, it's great. I do a weekly Friday's Fashion Find's on my Blog and am starting a weekly Featured Artists Spot. People have no idea how much amazing talent is out there. As for my favorites here? I can only pick one? The Small Red barn is beautiful. I love stuff like that. The Full Moon Necklace, and who doesn't love yummy soap? And of course, I always need something on hand to write in, so the Mini Marble Jotter is a must have.

Iris :)

Marja aka Glass Elements said...

No wonder Full Moon sold, it is GORGEOUS! Definitely my fave this past week! :)

Absolutely Small said...

I really like the cushion corset. What a cool idea! Plus, I'm a sucker for blue & brown. ^-^

Sugar Hiccups said...

This is my favorite: Woodland - Glass Bead Charm Bracelet. Very beautiful!

H & J said...

love the cushion corset!


Sarah said...

I love the Castile Soap. So earthy and I just love the name!

Posted on the Forum thread too!

Maria said...

I really like the Mini Marble Jotter.

Anne Potter said...

I love the Small Red Barn - it looks fantastic like something out of Willa Cather's frontier.

StilNovoDesign said...

The Olive Green is such a delicate and refined earring, it would make a great gift... for me!!!!!! ;-)

This is 'us':

Kelly Stewart said...

My favorite was def. the Woodland - Glass Bead Charm Bracelet very beautiful!

ec said...

I love the filigree earrings!

Maria Luna said...

I love the corset elegant :)

Embellishment Queen said...

Loved this!corset pillow ;-D


Iroquois Designs said...

I like the Woodland - Glass Bead Charm Bracelet the most. I think the beads she chose were beautiful and the colors appeal to me greatly.

I do like the pillow corset too.

sergun said...

i love the full moon, very beautiful

jess said...

My favorite is the cushion corset...dramatic fabrics and what a great way to change your look.

Emily said...

The Olive Green, Silver Filigree and Onyx Earrings are gorgeous! I can't wear colors to work, so I like to make it interesting with colorful jewelry. All the items are lovely however!

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