Tuesday, December 15

Men of etsy Exposed!!

There are a few of us men out there on Etsy, and here is a treasury exposing a few of them! Feel free to visit the Treasury HERE and support the Men of Etsy!


Joe Martin said...

nice , Us men do need some exposure lol

I would be grateful to be added someday.

Im an Army Veteran who is now a stay at home dad and etsyian.

I have some stuff at

enyaeire said...

Awesome choice and great to see some very talented etsy men featured. Well done to you all and I wish you all many many sales :)

Inbar Bareket said...

Excellent idea! I like!
Guys! you are looking great!!!

Ron said...

Agree w/Joe! Putting out male energy on etsy can sometimes be like swimming upstream. Would love to see more coverage of men both selling and buying on etsy.

I've got some manly photographs listed over here in my shop at

Amy Lilley Designs said...

ah ha...great Treasury of the 'Men of Etsy'...I'm doing a post on a guy I met who makes old-fashioned razors...they're gorgeous...anywho, kudos to the MEN!!!

Jen at Simply Inviting Cards on Etsy said...

It's nice to see the guys steppin' out. Nice work, gentlemen!

Robin said...

Wow.... great... the male side of ETSY...great idea..Ive visited many...fantastic..!!

timothy said...

Thanks everyone!!

Naughtee Bits said...

how fun! this is cool!


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