Wednesday, October 28

Etsy Tip of the day ( better photography is worth the aggravation)

Better Photography really is worth the aggravation.

A few tips from allisa jacobs

# Read your camera manual! This helped me immensely. I grabbed a coffee & spent an afternoon figuring out *many* of the modes & tricks.

# Find the light. You DO NOT need sunlight, in fact sunlight can make photos look too bright & leave too many shadows. This is probably the biggest thing I've learned. I take all of my photos on a table near a window sill on very dreary & rainy Oregon afternoons. But since I account for the white balance (see below) it works!

# Manual Mode. I almost always use this. It can be found on the little dial on top of the camera. It allows you to adjust for white balance (to get rid of that pink hue. Or the blue or gray or whatever it may be) the link above gives great explanation on modes. *This discovery was the second most important thing I did to improve photos. Auto mode doesn't cut it.

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Particles of Stone said...

Absolutely right--great tips, all! And learning how to control your aperture can help, too--it will be something like AP or AV or APC mode, depending on the camera. This can really help if you have too much or too little contrast between the item and its background.

One of the best things we can do is make sure that we have a camera that can handle the photos we need to take--and to really spend time developing your photography skills. It's a neverending battle!

Lizardo Art said...

Amazing what reading the manual can do for you! I started taking much better pics in general once I took the time to read it. Great tip!

laglass said...

Thanks for the tip.
Yes, I agree, photography is the key and I have also found that photoshop skills are also very beneficial.

M.M.E. said...

Just wanted to let you know that this series is awesome. So much to learn from our fellow Etsy sellers.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Thanks for the tip :)

Google Online Jobs from Home said...

Nice to see your blog abit etsy tip of the day.

Fiberpuppy said...

I also agree that photoshop can be really helpful. I've definitely been saved by adjusting levels and color balance under image adjustments. Apple L and Apple B (if you use a mac.

Jenny said...

Thanks so much for the info. Even after reading my camera manual, I still don't really understand the more advanced techniques. One thing that helps me is putting a piece of white paper at the edge of what I'm taking a photo of. I can edit the color on the computer, then crop the paper out. A little low-tech trick that gets me through! Thanks again!!!

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