Tuesday, October 27

Etsy Tip of the day ( Helping your New Customers Check out)

Hello Tim & fellow Etsians!

This is a tip I discovered when I started my second Etsy shop of Wedding flowers shop, www.AmoreBride.etsy.com. (my first shop is www.AmoreVivo.etsy.com) A high percentage of my visitors there are very new to Etsy. I noticed that they would purchase from me, but didn't complete the payment process. New sites can be confusing for the first time consumer, so now in my announcement I have a link explaining the complete payment process. I even am testing it in some of my listing descriptions. This is what I use, feel free to copy it, or add your own wording:

If you're NEW to Etsy, here is a helpful link to guide you through checkout: http://www.etsy.com/help_guide_checkout.php

Good luck, and happy continuous sales!
Michele in Michigan : Blog

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Nature Manipulated said...

Great advise! Added the blurb to my shop announcement. Thanks!

Nature Manipulated

jennuinecandles said...

Thanks for the advise! I also added the blurb to my announcement as well.

Jennuine Candles

Mortira said...

This is a great tip! It wasn't until I saw this done in other shops that I considered many visitors to my shop might still be learning their way around Etsy. A helpful link is a great way to say "Welcome!".

Boutique By Bonnie said...

Tips are always appreciated! I may be lucky, but I've never had someone not complete the check-out.

Kathleen said...

Great advice! I just sent a convo with this information to assist a customer.

Japlish Delights said...

Great advice! I also add a comment under "message to buyer" under the Shop Appearance section, and it seems to be helping with fast payments. I saw this a few times when I've purchased items on Etsy and it does help to remind people to pay right away:

If you have already paid, thanks for being so quick! If you have not paid yet, please pay now by signing into Etsy and going to Your Etsy > Purchases, then clicking the "Invoice" link. Remember, on Etsy you always pay the seller directly, and each seller must be paid individually.

If you are paying via PayPal, you must complete payment on PayPal.com before the seller will ship the item. Also, please make sure that the shipping address listed in your Etsy account matches the shipping address in your PayPal profile.

Laura Media Design said...

awesome advise thank you!Im going to add it to my announcement for sure

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