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Saturday Super Shop Feature (12.20)


Here is our opportunity to grab some extra exposure for your Etsy shop.

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Saturday Super Shop Feature (ArtsAfire)

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Anonymous said...

Well, I found Etsy quite by accident. I had listed some items on Craig's List and while there I was looking at other peoples posts. One person had a link to her shop that had additional photos of that particular item she was trying to sell.

So, I went to the link. And, as they say, the rest is history. I had never seen a website totally dedicated to the artist before. And every variation there of.
It was wonderful. Like I finally found a home.

Initially, I was just a buyer. Then, those squeeky, rusty wheels in my head started turning and thinking maybe I could do this.

So, initially I started out with one shop dedicated to my hand made items, and was also trying to sell some vintage items as well. I went to a forum and posted a question. Probably about photos and how best to take them. That's when I was introduced to Etsy angels; people who help out the newbies. After a couple of weeks of me asking her endless and relentless questions, she suggested that maybe I should open up just a vintage shop since I had so many items that could sold under that umbrella.

Well, another history making moment. I opened a second shop, dedicated exclusively to vintage. I have never had so much fun, learned so much and met so many wonderful people as I have at Etsy.

The administration is really pretty awesome too. There are so many forums and teams, local and by catergory and selling tips and the list goes on and on.

I have only been a member since late September of this year, but it seems I have been here forever. (But in a good way)

I hope that my enthusiasm remains and that I can continue to grow as a seller and as a person.

I think Etsy allows allot of artists the opportunity to do just that. Us creative types can get a little over whelmed at times and sometimes give up before we even get started. But I have never felt that way at Etsy. I hope I never do.

There's my story. The never ending story, I hope.

Thanks for listening

earlybird said...

Hey! A shop owner I have a consignment deal with mentioned Etsy to me. It was kinda strange because I had said goodbye and was walking towards the door when she called out "Kylie have you heard of Etsy?"...I'm very grateful for those brief few minutes of conversation.

Cheers, Kylie

Susan said...

My sister introduced me to Etsy. I was just a buyer in the beginning to buy supplies. Eventually my sister encouraged me to open my own shop. So, Here I Am!!! That's it.

CreationsByRobin said...

How I found Etsy...

I started knitting about three years ago and spent much of my lunch hour knitting scarves, just to pass the time. I found it very therapeutic and it helped to ease the pressures from my J-O-B.
As the holidays approached, I was asked by several co-workers to make scarves and scarf/hat sets for their children, family members and themselves. I ended up knitting all the time just to fill all the

Later that summer, my supervisor showed me an Etsy feature article from a Sunday edition of the Philadelphia Enquirer. After reading the article (and dreaming of being able to quit my job) and checking out the site, I finally discussed the possibilities of taking on such a venture with my hubby.
He was all for it and we sat down and signed up one day. My initial listings were scarves... at the beginning of August, lol... and some Czech glass bracelets which I had to scan because I didn't have a macro setting on my digital camera.

Had I never brought my knitting to work just to help pass the time, no one would have known of my love for crafting and it's possible I still wouldn't know about Etsy..
That's my story. Thanks for listening and the offer!

Youniquely Chic said...

I found Etsy because my Sister-In-Law was trying to talk me into selling my items instead of just giving them away to family and friends, She had a long talk with me and told me that I should give it a go... After MUCH thought I decided to give it a try and here I am. I've been a member of Etsy since Sept 1st and it really hasn't gone all that well, so far I have 4 purchases (really 2 because 2 people bought 2 things) and one of those sales is from my niece... I am forever hopeful it will pick up though! That is my story. I love your creations, so beautiful and unique!

Take Care,

poaplum said...

Hi! Caroline, one of my best french friend, introduced me to etsy, encouraging me to open my own shop.That is what I did in november.Take care, Anne-Gaƫl.

mshalston said...

My groom's Mom loves to buy handmade items. Luckily, websites like Etsy allow her to browse artists' wares worldwide.

When my better half started talking photos "seriously," she encouraged him to sell them on Etsy. So he did and has received a fair amount of attention from it.

I started my account simply as a buyer. But he recently e-mailed me and alerted me of the book/zine section. My response was, "But my books aren't handmade."

As it turns out, as long as I created them, I can sell them. So I started with my books, and now I've added illustrated versions of my shorter work, as well as original drawings and prints. I've only been a seller for a short time, but I'm enjoying it thus far.

MelissasMelange said...

I found Etsy because of a friend who loved the site and knew that I was trying to expand my very fledgling knit and silk paint business when I had no real job. She suggested I check out the options on Etsy and I found it incredibly easy.

Mia Sophia said...

I learned about Etsy on Martha Stewart! Yes, I know, but I love her! Anyway, I watch it every day while I work out and she was highlighting the BlackApple and making dolls. As soon as I got home I looked it up and was hooked ever since!

piccoladonna2006 said...

I learned about etsy in Ebay forum, I was talking with friend about the possibility to sell my crochet items and somebody give me the link to etsy :)

RocketGirl said...

Hi Timothy :)
I found Etsy by reading a thread on the Vogue Forums. I had never heard of it before then, but was very quickly hooked! (and am introducing the rest of my family)
I have now become addicted to finding Vintage treasures (especially 50s and 60s princess dresses), and am having a lot of fun with it so far (I'm a newbie). It is certainly much more entertaining than my PhD, which I am currently trying to write. In fact, that's what I am really supposed to be doing right now.... ;)
Will certainly be back to explore your blog though!

RocketGirl said...

Oops...PS my store is Thanks :)

Jared in Kansas said...

Like all good things, my wife gets all the credit for me knowing about Etsy. She twisted my arm a bit, and here I am. :)

Artisticle said...

My boss told me about etsy. Now she is afraid to look at my shop because she doesn't want to know me "in that way" because my coworkers have told her about some of my funny items! I mean who would think sweet little me would make "cooter with the fur" underwear?

Lucy said...

I found Etsy because many people I was doing freelance seamstress work for told me I should put the other things I made on the side here on Etsy and then I could hopefully stop making drapes for people because they could all tell I hated it. Drapes are the most uncreative things, disguised as a creative thing, I can think of.

I didn't do it for a while because there just seemed to be so many people how was I ever going to get noticed. Then when the economy tanked all the rich people that usually hire me were losing their money in the stock market and didn't have anything left to pay me $2,000 for a silk table cloth they'd use once. So after some desperation I came here and in less than a month I have 9 sales and things are picking up!! Thanks everyone I didn't listen to before! haha.

Anonymous said...

Well...I fell into the gulf of Etsy by way of Lampwork Etc. I did a lot of reading on LE and noticed that probably 99% of the posters had a link to Etsy. So I asked questions about Etsy and was told that it's a great place to sell. I created an account, but didn't actually do anything with it until this past summer. Things began slow, but have picked up. I've met quite a few very awesome people on Etsy these past short months...and quite honestly it's been wayyy fun! I'd say I spend at least 2 hours a day on Etsy either looking or chatting. Oh and a lot of learning! :0 ~ See ya on Etsy!

Jennie said...

I just love reading everyone's Etsy stories!

For me, I was waiting for an appointment (Nov. 2007) and flipping through a magazine that had holiday shopping picks listed. Ever on the lookout for cool and meaningful gifts, I saw some awesome things from lots of different was so *strange* though- many of them had a shop name and What the heck???

So, yep, I ripped the page out of the mag, took it home, discovered Etsy and life has never been the same!!

Thanks for the opportunity, Tim! You rock!!

Sister Threads said...

I found Etsy by visiting with a fellow crafter at our last show. My mom was irritated with me. She said she told me about it a year ago when that girl was on Martha Stewart. Oops! So, I checked it out. The site just had this great,
warm feel to it. And the forums were so uplifting and full of helpful people. We joined in September 2008 and have found it to be a fun, easy way to sell our quilts. Much better to take a package to the post office than a van load of displays and totes full
of products to a craft show.
And we like it so much #2 store

Martha said...

I had an ebay store. I used to sell purses then, and some headbands. A friend of mine told me that a co-worker had a store on etsy, and that I should try. I went online, and found etsy. The design, so clean and artsy, caught my eye. The ever changing front page. I really liked it, and I set up my store the following week. I am very happy that I did! -I closed my ebay store 2 months later, and now I sell through my own website.

Brandon said...

How we found out about Etsy, is our neighbor Alysse (aka said she was doing some research on how to sell her stuff. She came across Etsy and read all about it. She said: "Melissa you really should check it out. Your talented and you need to get your work out there. Go check out and see what you think."

I read and I just had a good feeling about it. I've always been told to following your feelings. So I did, and its been one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I've really have grown as a creator and seller.

I joined the etsy family January 13th 2007. Wow almost 2 years! I better go celebrate.


Lenox Knits said...

It feels like I've known about Etsy forever so it's hard to remember exactly when I discovered it. I remember reading about it on several people's blogs first. And then I followed someone's link to their shop and it was all over. I started shopping immediately and set up shop about 6 months later. Here is my blog: It's still a baby but I'm working on it. I have gotten so many great ideas from yours on how to promote both my blog and my shop.

trentongal said...

I really can't remember how I found etsy. But I just love the community spirit... and you- you are the greatest promoter!

Anonymous said...

My sister got me hooked. She heard about it from a couple friends, then bought a some really nice gifts. We both ended up opening our own stores.

coco's Jewelry said...

I had been making jewelry for some time and did only local craft shows etc. to very little success. And then I was just browsing around one day on the web and found this really neat site called Etsy. I was hooked!

Elisa Alvarado said...

I found etsy after my husband read an article on MSN and heard an ad on NPR.

I am a newbie who just started selling in October. Of course, I have found several things that I couldn't live without and have more on my wishlist.

Thanks for all the great info,

Drew of Fairy Tale Fibers said...

I bought a crochet pattern book that was written in Japanese. I only read English. The graphs were so simple I figured I could extrapolate the patterns. I was scanning the gallery section of the book where it mentions designer's websites and looking them up. One of them led me to Etsy. At first I was just thrilled it was in English! Then it dawned on me that I could sell in this forum. I immediately knew my life was going to be altered by Etsy. It was an entire year before I opened my own shop. However, I was absolutely right. Everything changed.
When I tell people about Etsy I always caution them that it could their life.
There is an alchemy at play on that I’ve not seen nor heard of before. I think it’s a powerful magical beast of change. I’m excited to be along for the adventure, in my wee way. There is wonder in the wake….
Drew of

pillowfarmer said...

I found Etsy in 2006 when searching for supplies for the handbag company I was running at the time on an independent site. I purchased a vintage bag handle, made a mental note of how cool etsy was and went on my merry way. It wasn't until last year that I stumbled upon it again and started purchasing awesome finds as gifts and for myself. I officially launched my new shop,, this past November and am digging the craft community vibe!

Dashery Jewelry said...

I really don't remember where I first saw Etsy- maybe on a jewelry message board somewhere, but I do remember when I decided to go ahead and leap. In a newsletter from HHH Enterprises they had a list of good places to sell handmade jewelry and it included Etsy.

p.s. I did leave the comment in the wrong place before. sorry.


I found about about ETSY from a customer at the Growers Market where I am a vendor. She happened to buy some yarn I had dyed with lichen, most of the items in her shop are created from lichens.

I opened my shop selling our handcrafted organic skin care products in the spring of this year. It has been a real learning experience. I thought people would just find us, but that has not been the case. I have been super busy promoting as much as I can and it has paid off. I have learned so much about promoting from your excellent blog posts. Thank you Timothy!

I hope to open another shop after the holidays as I am also a fiber artist. I love to create lovely hand spun hand painted yarns.

A Stone's Throw said...

I found Etsy when a friend of mine saw the purses that I was creating on my myspace page. She directed me to ETSY and I've been here since! Thank you!!!!

Mimibuggy said...

I really can't remember exactly how I found Etsy, but I knew there was a necklace I had to have. So I signed up as a buyer and bought it...8 months later I opened my shop, Polka Dot Glass Shop! It has to be one of the best places to be:)

MadelineCarey said...

I found Etsy when a friend e-mailed me their link and said that it might be a neat place to check out. :D

Jessica said...

I was reading through my friend's friend's blog about his art, and he mentioned something about selling his work on Etsy. "What in the world is Etsy?" I thought. So from there, I looked it up and started exploring. Soon after, I created my shop, and the rest is history!

Jess said...

I can't actually remember how I found Etsy! It was, no doubt, after stumbling upon it in a forum or suchlike, but once I found it, I was hooked!

EXOTICO said...

I found Etsy on Good Morning America. They had a short feature about it! I Thank GMA:)

GreenEyedGems said...

I found Etsy through the recommendation of a boutique worker in NC. I went into a jewelry store to do the tentative commission-scoping thing, and ended up talking to a woman who was a metal-worker. She referred me to Etsy, and after a lot of back and forth about whether I was making too big of a jump, I signed up!

One of the best decisions of my life, I'd say. My shop's still pretty unknown, but I'm confident in my ability and my jewelry. I've also got this mentality where I won't accept defeat. Front page, here I come!

KayzKreationz said...

I found out about Etsy by reading the Warm Glass Board. Several on there either talked about opening a shop ther or had one, so I started checking it out. I took me a while to decide, but finally made the plunge in October. I like the fact that it is supposed to be for handmade (except of course the vintage and supplies).

beadsnbangles said...

One night while out at dinner a little over a year ago my friend told me about Etsy and suggested I start a shop. The next day our newspaper ran a huge story on Etsy and some local Etsy shop owners. I decided it was meant to be so I opened my shop soon after that.

Anonymous said...

I found Etsy in an unusual way. I've been a Floral Designer for over 25 years, but the past 7 years have worked in an office. My job situation was getting phased out, so about 2 years ago I started browsing the internet for handmade. Surprisingly, on the HGTV web site, Etsy was featured for handmade artists. It wasn't till this summer that I actually opened an Etsy shop, but I had remembered that reference and been lovin' it ever since!
Michele at

Paddywack Designs said...

Hmmm, I don't ever remember for sure how I found Etsy. I think it might have been an ad in one of my magazines. (I discovered it when I had just given birth to my son, so things are a definite blur then.)

I'm so glad I did though... I bought most of my gifts through etsy this Christmas and it's been great...I just started my shop in Nov. so it's been a fun experience shopping, selling and even some trading.

Thanks for all your help tim.

Designs by Victoria said...

I was picking up my daughter from the kids' care section at the YMCA after working out. One of the ladies working there commented on my necklace.

When I told her I made it, and sold locally at markets and fairs, she asked me if I'd done much selling online. I told her no, as a lot of my work was one of kind, so keeping a website updated would be so much work, and that I'd had no luck on ebay. She told me I should check out this selling website called Etsy.

That was about two years ago. It took me awhile to get going, but things are finally starting to pick up, and I'm glad to be there.

Cher said...

My sister turned me on to Etsy... so I came, I browsed, I signed on and opened a shop in May 07. I loved the idea of an all handmade site, and being surrounded by all these talented artisans. I buy more than I sell, but nowhere else can I find such unique finds for my jewelry creations, treats for me and gifts... definitely my kinda place!

Silver Canyons said...

I found Etsy earlier this year, when I was in search of lampwork beads to use in my designs.
I was in the process of building my collection to add to my newly created personal website.
Not only did I buy those lampwork beads on Etsy, but I opened my own shop on the same day!
It has been a totally blast ever since!
Now I make a concious effort to buy the supplies I need from fellow Etsians :)

Warm regards, Nicolle

Lauren said...

I found Etsy when I was trolling the internet for beautiful beads! I hadn't even taken my first lampwork class yet, but I was constantly looking at pretty glass beads online. I found many of my favorites in Etsy shops, and I guess I tucked the information back in my brain somewhere. Then I took my beginner's lampworking class last February and eventually got good enough to sell my own beads (I have to support my glass habit somehow!). So I sold a little bit on ebay, and then made the switch over to Etsy. I couldn't be happier with how it's worked out for me. I love making beads and I love the venue at Etsy where I sell them. I also am on the Lampworker's Etc. Street Team, and many of my teammates are bead artists whose beads I used to drool over. I feel I've come full circle (no bead pun intended -- haha). Thanks for the opportunity, Timothy!


magickalrealism said...

Actually, my boyfriend found Etsy. I was just getting ready to reopen my in-house perfumery, and he happened to come across a post about Etsy on boingboing and pointed it out to me as the perfect possibly solution. It was kismet - Etsy, my restart in the perfume business coming together perfectly.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Hey Tim...gosh, my good friend, Cal, told me about Etsy, last November, and it was just that simple...the rest is history, as you well know. No big drama...but some lifetime connections, tremendous growth as an artist, 2 etsy shops, a blog...

Anne said...

I found etsy when a coworker mentioned it to me. I work at a non-profit art center and lots of people I work with have etsy shops. I joined as a buyer a few years ago and then rejoined recently with my new shop Beantown Handmade.
When I found etsy I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It's fabulous and great for small businesses, keeping traditional crafts current and alive and a great way to shop green. What could be better?

Jess said...

A few months ago, I was looking to maybe put some of my artwork up in a consignment shop. The shop was pretty new though and I couldn't find much information on it, so naturally I googled it.

In my search I came across a blog by an artist with the most beautiful stained-glass pieces. She had blogged that she had put some pieces in that consignment shop, as well as listed some new pieces on "Etsy."

I had never heard of Etsy before, but the more I browsed the more excited I became. And that's how I ended up here.

I wish I could remember who the stained-glass artist was, so that I could personally thank her!

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