Tuesday, January 11

Why Set Goals?

Setting goals and trying to met them should be apart of your daily business.
Goals written are dreams achieved:  There is something to writing down your goals.  When you use a pen or pencil, you can touch and smell it and you are turning a thought into a physical object.
Goal writing tips:

1. Stay positive.  The more positive your goals are the better.   Work for what you want to acheive in your Etsy shop, not for what you want to leave behind.   For example ” I didn’t make enough sales last month, I have to improve my sale” .  How about “This month will be my best sales month to date”.  Don’t remind yourself about what you didn’t accomplish.  Stay positive!

2.  Detail, Details Details.  When writing your goals for your Etsy shop use as much detail as you can.  “I will sell 250 items in the month of December.”  “This holiday season I will design a new line of jewelry trees.” The more detailed you become with your goals, the more focused you can get.  You will be able to drive your focus toward your goals and reach them!

3.  Write – Rewrite – Tweet – Share – Blog . The more you write and rewrite your goals the better you will remember and work on your goals.   Keep your goals in the front of your mind, the tip of your tounge, and the “palm of your hand”.  Why not Tweet about your goals, or write a blog post

4.  Track the Progress of Your Goal.   Tracking the progress of your goals in a spreadsheet is a gret way to visualize your goals.   Graphs are also another powerful way to visualize your goals.  

The team here over at Handmadeology has put together a free Excel spreadsheet that will help you track your sales and your goals for 2011.  The Handmadeology Team wants to help you with your Etsy goals and help you keep track of your Etsy sales. We have developed a simple yet powerful Sales and goal tracker for Etsy sellers. We are offering this to all our readers, followers, fans, and subscribers for FREE!!!

To find out more about how to download your  Free 2011 Etsy Sales Goal Tracker Spreadsheet, just click HERE!

2011 sales goal tracker


Dawn DiGesare of DaVoria Jewelry said...

This is a great post! Thanks for sharing.

Andrea (Sacred Suds) said...

Fantastic list of how to set and meet your goals. I make a poster every year - my manifesting board, I call it - that has images, words, and symbols of all the things I want to bring into my life in the coming year. Then I post it on my refrigerator where I will look at it several times a day. This year, I've got several very specific Etsy goals that I set for myself (which I look at every time I open the fridge), and it keeps me focused on what I need to do in my shop. Now that it's mid-year, I'm looking forward to going through and seeing how I'm progressing. Thanks so much for the reminder!

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