Wednesday, January 26

FREE 5 Day Ecourse - YOur Business Identity

What is your unique business identity and how does it direct your business’ path?
Your Business Identity is a free email-based coursework created by me (Tim of Handmadeology) to help you know yourself and uncover tips for reaching your business’ goals. In one short (and entertaining) week, I’ll guide you through these topics:
  • Your Introvert or Extrovert Temperament: Are you aware of the ways your personality can help or hurt your business?
  • Your Business Adventure – Risk Tolerance Levels: How does your sense of adventure limit or hurt your business?
  • Your Personal Renewal Style: How do you stay fresh when you are tired or burnt out from your business?
  • Your Spending Behaviors: How does the way you spend money impact your business’ finances?
  • And more!
I’ve created these short personality quizzes, self-assessment tests, and exercises to help you discover the success that lies only within you and reveal practical ways to apply what you learn to your business’ operations.

Being keenly self-aware is often difficult and as entrepreneurs transferring that knowledge to the way we operate our businesses can be tricky at best. I’ll share some of the things I’ve learned so far on this entrepreneurial journey and hopefully help you awaken your hearts and mind to find your own business identity that leads to success!

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