Wednesday, January 5

What Does Success Look Like to You?

Creative Etsy Success

I have realized that success does not just come from how you use social media, how you advertise, or a thousand other "hot topics" on Etsy. All of those are useful and very important, but do not get at the "core" of creating a successful business venture.  The "core" is YOU!

Creative Etsy Success

Your personality, strengths, skills, dreams, creativity, and encouragement levels are all key variables to finding your unique pathway to success on Etsy. Knowing yourself helps utilize your individual qualities for the greatest impact. This resource helps you discover your distinct path through a variety of fun, insightful, and engaging tests, quizzes, self-assessments, guides, workbooks, and practical tools.
Learn more about this brand new eBook brought to you  by  Handmadeology.
Over 33,000 words and 150 pages packed full of information to help you grow your creative business.

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