Tuesday, January 4

125 Brand Building Tips from Copyblogger

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Here are 125 tips for building your brand from Copyblogger.

1. What drives you? Is there an emotion, need,  desire, or past event that motivates you to take action? How can you  infuse some of that energy into your brand?
2. What are you passionate about? What gets you excited, angry, or motivated to take action? How can you let your passion come through in your brand?

51. Who is your competition? Everyone in every niche  has a competitor. Even if you don’t have someone in your niche that  offers the same products / services / information as you do, there’s  always someone you compete with in search engine rankings for your  keywords. Know who they are.
52. What makes them a competitor? Are they offering  the same things you are to the same audience, are they competing with  you for the same keywords, or are they a friend that you compete with  for fun?
53. How do they describe what makes them unique?  What words and tone of voice are they using to convey what they do? How  does their description differ from yours? Do you need to adjust your  branding to make your description more appealing to your audience than  theirs is?

 To read the rest of these great tips head over to Coppyblogger..... HERE.

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