Thursday, September 30

Tips For Leaving And Getting More Comments

letterpress card. we go together like blogs and comments

Since the relaunch of my Handmadeology blog in early August 2010 there has been over 1,300 comments posted. Comments are the lifeblood of any blog. Comments build social proof and let you know as a blogger that readers are reading. Comments can also help your blog or site gain page rank and improve your Google search position. I have gathered the best of the best articles on blog comments. Enjoy!
More helpful blog links!


Michele of By Your Side said...

Thanks Tim for some more great links!!

Keys and Memories said...

Thanks for another great tip!

Stitches In Time said...

Like all promotional activities, commenting can be hard work! Who knew there were so many do's and dont's in order to get it right? One good tip I'm taking away from these links is to follow up with those who do comment on my blog. Simple, yet I'd never thought of it before.

Oh and it's true that nothing turns me off of commenting on someone's blog like really difficult CAPTCHA or having to sign up to a site. Big turnoffs!

Linda said...

I've been explaining this to my Etsy team for well over a year and they STILL do not "get it" that comments can be so vital.

With the newish Instant Google now commonplace, the importance of SEO has slipped a tad, with extra strategies needed to top that Google search page result.
Using Flickr is one important strategy and comments on blogs is another.

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