Wednesday, September 29

Save Time By Automatically Renewing Your Etsy Listings

Blue Car

The developers over at have just released their Clockbot. This new feature allow you to set up your Etsy listing to automatically renew.

The Clockbot utilizes the Etsy api with the new secure OAuth system (read about the OAuth here)

Here is a short tutorial on how to set this up!

1. Head over to and find the Clockbot tab. Click the login button.

Auto renew etsy listings

2. This will take you to Etsy and ask if you want to allow access.

Renewing Etsy listings automatically

3. Back to the Clockbot! Enter the listing number from the item you want to renew, set the date and time, and hit schedule.

Renewing Etsy listings automatically

Renewing Etsy listings automatically

Or pic your item with the item chooser:

4. Repeat for all the listings you want to renew.

Renewing Etsy listings automatically

5. You can even renew the schedule the same item twice.


Beth said...

I had no idea that existed. How wonderful!!!

jan avellana said...

hi there! i just tried this, but for some reason i keep getting the 'login' page on clockbot. once i click the login button, it takes me to etsy where i then click on the 'allow' button, which then takes me back to the clockbot login page, etc. etc. i am wondering what i am doing wrong? any tips? thanks in advance! jan

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