Friday, December 11

ArtFire Announces Free Unlimited Listings for all Sellers

ArtFire Announces Free Unlimited Listings for all Sellers

Unlimited Listing and Selling now free on Artfire for all Account Types

Tucson, Ariz. – Starting today, ArtFire has permanently removed limits on the number of listings basic members can publish on the site.  This means that all members are able to list items and sell an unlimited number of items completely free.

ArtFire is currently set up with two different types of membership levels: Basic (free account holders) and Pro members (who pay a monthly membership fee of $12). In the past, Basic members were limited to 12 listings at any one time, while Pro accounts could list unlimited items.  During ArtFire’s Holiday Free-for-All promotion, Basic members were given the opportunity to list as many items as they wished throughout the holiday season. Due to the popularity and success of this promotion, ArtFire has decided to extend it permanently, to allow free unlimited listings for all members.

 “The cost of hosting a listing is dramatically lower than it was 4-5 years ago,” said John Jacobs, CEO of ArtFire. “Many venues are still operating on this late 1990s model, which charges fees and commissions at every step, but we felt it was time to move forward.”
“Since the act of listing takes time and generates both content and traffic from buyers for the website, it should not be taxed or limited,” said Tony Ford, COO of “By offering unlimited listings to both account types on ArtFire we intend to create the most diverse, most vibrant, most well-stocked artisan marketplace available.”
With unlimited listings on ArtFire, there are no insertion fees, final valuation fees, commissions or hidden fees.   Selling artisan goods is completely free.  The ArtFire Pro membership for the current price of $12 per month provides much greater exposure, customization, time saving tools and sales boosting tools. 

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ArtFire is fastest growing artisan marketplace ever launched.  Over the past year, ArtFire has made a name for itself by offering the tools artisans ask for, including the Rapid Cart, a virtual fully-functional storefront, The Facebook Kiosk, which allows users to purchase straight from a member’s Facebook page, and fully customizable Fusion Studios.  By offering unlimited listings free to all members on the site, ArtFire is once again setting the new standard for artisan service online.


maggie said...

Great information....I've thought about trying them out before, but have heard mixed reviews about the success of selling there....may have to try it with this new development...hmmmmmmm.

Diana said...

I was with them for 6 months and no action so I quit. I may have to back up and take another look. Artfire has been getting alot of buzz.

timothy said...

For sure!

ArtSnark said...

very interesting- thanks

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