Thursday, November 19

Etsy Tip of the day (Love what you do)

Tip By: Drops of Sunshine : Blog
Don't take more than you can handle but don't be afraid to try.

I found that when I put all my effort into a few items I got more traffic than doing things "half-way" and not giving them my all because I was focusing on imputing a lot of items. Now my focus is to take the best pictures, do my best description, do things I would love to see in my shop and promote them like my babies.

Tip BY: Sleepy Moon Design : Blog

LOVE WHAT YOU DO... it's that simple. You wouldn't want to sell something that was only half good.

When you put your full self into something it will show and your personality will come out.

This works for your item descriptions as well. People always love to read interesting descriptions and here more about the item and what went into it.

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Diana said...

It's so so simple - but also so very true. I think it's easy to lose sight of that, because the nature of business involves dollar chasing, but the core of it is supposed to be satisfying a need - not just on a buyer's end, but on the seller's, as well.

Anna Kay Creations said...

Great tip of the day!

smellyrhinostudio said...

Time for a new tip!

Lana of Honeysuckle Lane said...

Love what you do ~ this is so, so true! I have told this to my kids as well. They are now 24, 21,and 19.

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