Wednesday, November 11

Tips for New Etsy Sellers (submit yours)

One of the best ways to increase Etsy Traffic is to find quality, high ranking, and relevant sites/blogs that will link back to your Etsy shop: I am compiling a list of tips for New Etsy sellers from Etsy sellers. If you have tips to share and are interested in increasing your backlinks, just fill out the form below. You can submit as many tips as you would like..


Melody said...

Thanks Tim! You are so helpful. What would the world of Etsians ever do without you? :)

Laura said...

Thanks for your dedication to Etsy sellers and the handmade community.

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timothy said...

You are welcome Melody!!!

timothy said...

Sure thing Laura!!! I love to help!

Bagalicious said...

This is great, Tim, thanks!! So where can we see the tips?

Corinne @ Bagalicious

timothy said...

You can find the tips right here on my blog!

Joni Cornell said...

Thanks for passing on your wonderful knowledge.

AmoreBride said...

Hiya Tim!
Another great networking idea you came up with. A one stop info place for Etsians to discover fresh, innovative marketing ideas1
Thanks for this!
Michele in Michigan

Sharon said...

Thank you so much, what a great idea. I just sent in a few tips.

DesignsbyJocelyn said...

Great ideas, Timothy!

I am a regular reader of your blog and I find your tips as well as the tips from fellow Etsians here very helpful.

Thank you for all your hard work!

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