Wednesday, October 21

Etsy Tip of the day (Etsy Street Teams)

I've found that connecting with local Etsy sellers is very beneficial. Most people that appreciate handmade, really like to shop local, too. Chances are you have something that they want, and you can arrange a delivery or pick up. Nice chance to meet your customers. Also, if you do shows in the area, they are very likely to attend! This is a good way to connect with your local Etsy sellers, too. Chicago Style Crafters is our Etsy street team and we have regular meet ups, virtual and physical. We share information, critique each others shops, put together promo bags to hand out at shows, etc. I've learned a lot from the team!

Tip Submitted by: Spinal Fusion

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Julia Finucane said...

Great tip for the day. Thanks for that.

timothy said...

Sure thing Julia!

TataniaRosa said...

That's a great tip. Thank you!

samsstuff said...

The teams have been hit or miss for me. Is there an easy way to tell which ones support each other & which ones can be basically just a name to post? The guilds on ArtFire have more of a description of what they are about, right from first glance. I've had one fairly bad experience on Etsy & wish there was a better way to tell what you're getting into, from the beginning. Teams can be a good thing, when they support one another, bad or indifferent, when they don't.

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