Thursday, October 22

Etsy Tip of the day (Forums and Chat)

Be as active as you can in the Etsy forums. There are so many talented and successful artisans who can give advice. Don't be intimidated because you're new - just jump right in.
Tip By: ceejay bags : Blog

Make tons of new friends in the Etsy forums and in the Etsy chat rooms. I pop in at least a few times a week to look at new shops for inspiration and/or to talk about how we all promote or shops. I really enjoy being part of the Etsy community! Tip By: Looks Good : Blog

Read the forums daily. You will gain tons of knowledge and information to help you along the way. Tip By: Sun Creations Emporium : Blog

Post in chats, forums, and on blogs. This gets your name around and helps you to get to know sellers and perhaps potential buyers. Tip By: Designs By Bec : Blog

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laglass said...

Thanks so much for all the info. I always learn something new.

timothy said...

You bet!

Susan Silver said...

This is a great tip most of my traffic comes from other Etsy shop owners and everyone is very helpful and friendly.

janet said...

I do post every new listing in multiple forums and I get quite a bit of traffic that way. I also get many new blog followers from the forums. My one warning about the forums is to stay away from the so called 'critique' forums. It has been my experience that 80% of the 'critiques' given out are from sellers who do not even bother to really look at your shop. They are really there to be noticed themselves. Case in point: A seller offered to critique my shop and came back with the comment that she was shocked because by my banner she assumed I was a painter. I told her I WAS a painter..I have an art section with prints, cards and original art..even wearable art. If she had looked into my shop she would have seen that. Same thread ..30 min. later another seller said " beautiful shop, but I thought you had artwork and was disappointed to see you didn't" I DO SELL ARTWORK!!!!!!! That proved to me many of them throw you a quick.."nice shop" and proceed to hawk their goods. Which is great, but that belongs in the Promotions forum. For a new ,struggling seller, comments like that can be depressing and make you question your shop. Mentally, I am much better staying out of the 'Critique' forums. Ok..I will get off my soapbox now ;-)

Anna Kay Creations said...

This was great info Timothy. I was never really into checking out the forums but I started checking them out fairly recently, and yes there a great deal of information to learn out there especially for fairly new Etsy shops like mine. Thanks for sharing!!

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