Friday, October 23

Etsy Tip of the day (Building your Social Network)

Developing collaborative communities with Etsy Sellers inside and outside of Etsy has really taken my business to a higher level. So I really feel it's necessary to create a multi-prong strategy:

*Establishing a solid base of followers on Twitter--we tweet our items and RT our fellow artisan's items and I got my first #Follow Friday!

*Establishing a solid profile on Facebook--I am beginning to offer added value to fans by promoting their posts, adding Discussion Topics so that they can share their Twitter Channels, Blogs, etc. and gaining a larger friend and fan base.

*Providing rich content on my blog--featured artists, giveaways, articles about marketing and promotion

*Establishing a presence in the Etsy forums, chats, labs--I am currently working on developing a stronger Etsy presence and broadening my participation.

And I also am getting back to basics: redoing some of my not so successful shop photos, redesigning the banner, and making sure my items are fresh and appealing to buyers!

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FashionTouch said...

Hi Tim! Great tips! How do you find time to do all of this?

DeeCee said...

Thanks for the tips. Do you ever sleep?

spinalfusion said...

I love etsy and I love these etsy tips! something new every day!
marsha spaniel

timothy said...

I do sleep! I am glad the tips are helpful!

Mani said...

Oh! boy, this is a lot of work, but anyway thanks a lot sharing this with us. I always learn something when I stop by your blog.
thanks again,

hjmart said...

Great tips! Lots of work :-)

timothy said...

Mani... You are welcome!! Keep coming back for more!

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