Friday, July 31

Live Online Open House (free)

Sign up for CRAFTCAST’s first Live Online Open House,
and it’s FREE!

Yes, on August 5th, 8 - 9:00 PM EST Allison from Craft Cast will being hosting an online open house along with some of your favorite teachers.

We will be talking about upcoming classes, and new products, plus your turn to ask some questions.

So here is your opportunity to sign up for free!

Just email Allison, just click the banner on the left, and tell her you want to register. You will receive an email with all the how-to log on information needed.

click here to register via email

You can check out my interview with Allison on Craft Cast a few months ago... Listen as I chat about my Etsy business and using Social Media to market your handmade goods>> Click Here


Ludid said...

i have signed up; looking forward to the class; thanks for the e-mail reminder

timothy said...

Sure thing! enjoy!

Peanuts Creations said...

Tim...thanks for always have great tips for us!

Sabahnur said...


laglass said...

Signing up now. Thanks for the info.

Eva said...

I love the #10 print.Which is fantastic and by far my favorite. I checked out all of them! I'd also really love to be in the selection of the next top 10. My etsy is I also posted it in the forums, and followed you on twitter. Thanks so much for your consideration!

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