Wednesday, July 29

Facebook 3rd Party Apps Are Still Using Your Pictures

Despite the announcement last week from Facebook about your pictures being used in ads, there are still 3rd party apps using your photos in their advertisements.

Over on the left you can see an ad that has my avatar and another members avatar advertising for a singles app

Help put a stop to this: Join the Facebook group "Stop Using My Pictures"

Don't forget to change your setting so Facebook it self can't use your pictures in ads.. HERE is a screen shot walk through of how to change your settings


Hand crochet bookmarkes said...

Grrr. That is just so rude! :(

Christmas In July Sale said...

facebook said it was just a rumor and action made by third party apps that violated their rules and policy. read it in facebook's blog

Kelly said...

this has been an ongoing battle, hasn't it!

rosebud101 said...

Been there and done that! Thanks for the information!

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