Saturday, June 6

Singer Series Necklace Number 67

The Singer Series is a special series made from recycled vintage Singer sewing machines. In this series, you will find jewelry and sculptures. In the Singer Series I am trying to capture the character and style that these vintage machines have.

The number 67 necklace is carefully cut from a decorative plate on a vintage singer sewing machine. This is 100% unique...there will not be another necklace made like the number 67 necklace. Number 67 is clear-coated for protection and shine.

You can find the Number 67 necklace in my Etsy shop HERE


Amy Lilley Designs said...

Very nice Tim...reminds me of the back plate to the Victorian doorknobs I drew...lovely...hope you sell a ton..:)))

timothy said...

Thanks Amy!! I love the old stamped plates!

Cottage In The Sun said...

I just bought a vintage sewing machine - just because the metal plates are so gorgeous - love your necklace!

Linda Hardy said...

very cool!

Thistle Cottage Studio said...

These are truly beautiful, but please tell me that these beautiful old machines that you are chopping up are beyond repair!!!

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