Saturday, June 6

Gotham City

The Tick Series is brand new.... This series is all about incorporating Swiss Jeweled watch movements with my modern steel. Modern Steampunk

Modern Steam necklace is a great example of taking the old and bringing it back to life! This one of a kind necklace is handmade, constructed from a Swiss Jeweled Watch Movement, a The watch movement is a 7 jeweled piece from the and is riveted to the shiny steel. This stunning one of a kind necklace is clear coated for protection and shine.

The Gotham City Necklace is made from a 7 jewel, recycled watch movement from the Gotham watch company. Check out the detail on the watch movement... so small with so much detail!

The Gotham City Necklace can be found in the Etsy shop>> HERE

1 comment:

J.Crabbit said...

Very cool. I love the view from inside a clock tower and this piece reminds me of that look. well done!

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