Saturday, January 3

Saturday Super Shop Feature (bikudesigns)

Oval Bamboo Ring

8 pack- Sunshine scribble

Take (Bamboo) Ring


Laane said...

I like the top ring,but as a mom of 6, I would make it less square, so I won't hurt anyone.

happy new year!

Lincoln Christian said...

I really like those designs. Very Modern. Whenever i see steel like that, or like Timothy's designs i think of new york flats for some reason. The bachelor flats seem to have that whole modern look going on with the steel.

BBesigns said...

Love the top ring with all the bubbles

Megin said...

Neat. :)

Alexis said...

Most love the flat metal design with the circles! Very contemporary

Lynette Fast said...

Cool shop to represent! I've been brainstorming some silver tube ideas I'm fired up to get to designing! Thanks!

Le Coccole said...

Wonderful shop! :)

bikudesigns said...

Thanks so much for choosing my work for the Saturday Super Shop Feature. Your blog is always so informative.
Love your jewelry, just not got around to buying any yet with all the promoting I've been doing lately!
Anyway, thanks again for giving such as newbie some much needed exposure.

haannh said...

Very unique and stylish designs of bikudesigns.Agree with bikudesigns that your blog is super informative.

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