Saturday, January 3

Saturday Super Shop Feature (1.3)


Here is our opportunity to grab some extra exposure for your Etsy shop.

Blog stats for the month of November:
11,000+ unique visitors
23,000+ page views
December stats
21,502 unique visitors and 39,339 page views

Along with the full shop feature here on my blog.... I will be promoting your shop on my Twitter channel ..Which has 3500+ followers..
To get your shop in the running all I ask is you leave a comment on the
Saturday Super Shop Feature here... Tell me about your Etsy shop!

and post your Etsy shop on the thread>>> HERE

You must post in both places to be eligible for the feature:

I will be picking the shop at 2:15pm SHARP jan.3

Last weeks feature!!!

Super Saturday Shop Feature (gretchenmist)

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thefrogbag said...

You always have such fun promos! My shop is just what you might think: Frogs and so much more. Can't wait to see what shop you pick to feature!

KRISTI said...

Thanks for the continued opportunities. At zuzu girl handmade we offer stylishly designed & meticulously crafted accessories for little girls. We're crossing fingers that the cpsc doesn't force us to close in a few weeks just as we're getting started! I just finished up four new items that will be shot and listed tomorrow morning. Would love some exposure for them!

bikudesigns said...

Hi there,
I'm quite new to etsy but would like some exposure for my shop. I make greeting cards for all occasions and have just added my silver jewellery line to my etsy shop.
Working hard on promoting on Twitter, Entrecards etc. and have just started my blog about 2 weeks ago. Views are getting there.

Love your work Timothy and look forward to your informative posts.


labellefairy said...

I am a Canadian corsetiere and costumer, check out my little lovelies ideal for a sweet Valentine treat!!

gigi said...
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gigi said...

Snappy handcrafted accessories to be found at dizzlePOP! Mostly known for awesome fabric coffee cozies... plus fun button hair accessories for all ages :)

Thanks for the google analytics/shop stats video for artfire -- I learned a bunch! My shop there is coffeecoffee.

Jenn, RN said...

First of all, thank you so much for all your work promoting other people's shops and showing us how to market our businesses more productively!

My shop features handcrafted jewelry using only quality components such as sterling, Swarovski, and gemstones. I love the challenge of custom orders. Most of my items are OOAK. All of my items are affordably priced. Everyone deserves to own beautiful things!

GreenEyedGems said...

Hey there!
I'm a relatively undiscovered seller who would love some exposure! I sell modern and luxury jewelry. I'm currently redoing all the pics in my shop to be like this one and that should be done by the time you pick the shops ;) (good pics are so important...)

I'm also a high school senior, so, you know, you'd be supporting the youth of the crafting community and all that... ;)

thanks for the opportunity!

DaynaDos said...

I am just getting started but I like to make items and create things with felt. I also have a few pieces of jewelry too.

LizardQueen said...

Thank you for this opportunity! You do such a wonderful job of promoting others and sharing such helpful information and tips...You are truly an inspiration!

My Etsy shop features my handmade, ooak jewelry. I also do a lot of custom orders and special occasion jewelry. I am just getting started with selling online, and it is much easier to transition into with the help of people like you!


alwaysadorable said...

Trying my luck with one of your fabulous promos.

My shop name says it all Always Adorable. My shop if full of whimsy, fun, and colorful art, dolls and tutus with a touch of ACEOs.

alwaysadorable said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that I do elegantly beautiful original paintings for grown up too!

Lincoln Christian said...

In my shop i sell glass pendants. Some are square and some are round. The round ones with the metal setting is my own invention...i'm so exicted about it:> I really love my shop. You may not recall (since you help everyone) but you gave me some good shop critiques about my shop pictures. I took to advice...and spent the time to do the pictures up right. Even if i don't get picked (competition is fierce!) you should know that you really do help out so many people on etsy and artfire. It's really a saving grace to go to your blog and see what you mentioned to others that can help me do better.


Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

I've just opened a new etsy shop and am determined to make it profitable this year. I found your blog about 2 weeks ago and love your enthusiaum and motivation to help others be a success.

I create narrative art jewelry by recycling vintage bits and bobs, found objects and a bit of new. All the little snippets of history get blended together to make a new story.

I don't have alot up in the shop yet, but am adding daily. I'd love the exposure and would pay it forward by linking back here and featuring someone from this comment list on my own blog.

Almost forgot to list my shop!

ali bali jewellery said...

Hi Tim, thanks for offering this opportunity!! At AliBaliJewellery I create handcrafted silver jewellery mixed with pearls, semi precious stones and bright good quality glass beads. I've had an Etsy shop for 7 months and starting to see an increase in sales, determined to make that grow this year!! I'd love to be featured by you!! I'v egot shops on Etsy/Dwanda/Folksy and my Etsy shop address is

Robin said...

You are a brilliant marketer! Really. And Part of your genius is sharing the marketing... Your tips, tricks and knowledge with all of us! And it is clear that we are all just are so appreciative.

I am now following you on twitter and if there was ever a yellow brick road to follow on the internet, it would be your twitter channel... I think it just might lead to the Emerald City!

If you go to my Etsy you will see that I paint...I am constantly being inspired by everyday things. My art is evidence that life is full of joy and beauty. I love people and emotions and colors and birds and white paint.

Robin Carlisle

Le Coccole said...

:) Hello! this opportunity is amazing :) thank you!

As a good Italian, I like to combine fashion with practicality. I love to create accessories with fabric. At my shop you can find bags, wallets, notebook covers, travel tea bags holder pouch, mobile phone cover etc.

Craftmania said...

Thanks for your kind opportunities. I've opened ETSY shop for 9 months already. I am quite lacked of marketing ability and I want to make more sales in my store. I now follow you to twitter. Your blog is so much useful for me, keep me eagle to continue on my shop.
At my shop we offer simple and elegant handmade jewelry using only high quality components, sterling silver, brass, gemstone, pearl, crystal and so on.

I try my luck now!

Jan Allsopp said...

Hi Timothy,
I am just coming up for my 1st Etsyversary and I have loved every minute. I'm taking the birthday to reassess my shop and I'm using your tips and working through them one by one (I only found you yesterday!). I'm an artist and sell my art, prints, rebound journals and paper goodies in The Little Shop of Horus
Thanks for this opportunity and all the other opportunities you give on your blog.

Alison Du Bois said...

Hi Timothy ~ great promo! I celebrated my Etsy-versary yesterday in my shop,, which features my fine art photography. Something for everyone!

Maryam Gerling Salassi Photography said...

I sell my original photography in my shop. My focus is mainly on photos of fabric, clothing specifically. I find the texture very engaging, and the relationship of the fibers to the threads to the creation of the fabric and so on.

It is a fairly new shop as I put my first few items up about a month ago. Since then I have increased my offerings to about 25 items, but still no sales.

Sorry this is so short, I'm posting from my iPhone near Big Bend National Park!

Maryam Gerling Salassi Photography said...

I forgot to post my shop!

Phoenix said...

You are an advertising machine! I posted in your Etsy thread. just in case :oP

Noella said...

What to say! Wow I love your blog!
I am Noella I am from New Brunswick Canada and I own a little Etsy Shop Called No No's Sew Hip Creations where I create funky and functional handbags, totes and more! I am fairly new to the Etsy market and I love every minute of it! When I am creating I apply all of my years of creative experience of which I hope shows though my designs. I also love to adorn my creations with fringe, beads and other embellishments such as fabric flowers and buttons! I hope you will come check out my store!

The UnStrungSisters - Amy and Erin said...

Just watched your video regarding Social Network tagging. Thanks for making it so easy to understand! UnStrungSisters is made up of me and my sister, Erin and offers fun, contemporary, hand-crafted jewelry. We are a little unique as I am on the east coast in Virginia and Erin is on the west coast in Washington State. Etsy is a fun way for us to work together. It does create some unique challenges but we have a great time.

Clear Lake Creations said...

Thank you for the opportunity to be featured on your blog!

We offer luxurious bath and body products to soothe your soul and the ability to "Decorate Your Body With Fragrance!"

Bliss Soybean Candles said...

I'm sure it's too late to post but it's always worth trying :) Thank you for the great posts this week - I'm trying all of the tips! I put a permanent link to your blog on mine under Recommended Sites for Bloggers and Etsians. Let me know if you get any hits from it:)

Bliss Soybean Candles and Gifts

JoyousTreasures said...

Thank you so much for the awesome promos!

At my Etsy shop, Joyous Treasures, I offer unique handcrafted items designed by me.
You'll find crocheted and sewn items, including handbags, doilies, caplets, bookmarks, and much more. And there are always gifts for the holidays.
Check it out at

Michele said...

I would love to be featured on your blog! At Pixe's Treasure Chest, I design and craft jewelry inspired by Mother Nature. My palette is semi precious gemstones, sterling silver, and copper.
I check your blog often for tips on greater exposure...that is my NY resolution this really step up my internet exposure!
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!! You're the best!


whatsinthebox said...

Wow what a FANTASTIC opportunity! i would LOVE to be featured on your blog. i sell a lot of one of a kind jewelry and my recent passion is my FRAYED KNOT pieces... they send such a positive message to girls of all ages and i think we could all use a lil of that :D thanks so much for your time and for checking out my shop. keep on doing what you are doing... you are an INSPIRATION!!!

Gayle said...

Thanks for the opportunity. My teen daughters and I make handcrafted jewelry that we sell to support orphanages in Tanzania and Zimbabwe.
Shop is

Elizabeth said...

My shop is called ForetTwo and I started it because my first Etsy shop was getting a bit TOO diverse. My motto is "extraordinary vintage and supplies." As a matter of fact, this shop has had more sales than Foret, but this is understandable. Every other sale on Etsy is some kind of supply item. The ones I offer are out of the ordinary (like mineral specimens!) and antique beads and interesting collectibles... textiles, old silver, Victorian jewelry... an eclectic collection which is not run of the mill!
I am running a sale right now because people kept asking me to do so. It is until Three Kings Day (Jan 6th).
It would be wonderful to be featured. I get your blog articles and find them very informative and inspiring.

Thanks so much!
Elizabeth Holmes-deForest

SleightGirl said...

Great stuff! I just became a follower last week!

I sell hand made knits and crochet items, all one of a kind!

kat said...

Hi Tim! I sell crayon roll ups and baby items in my shop. Check me out at

great articles!

kathleen said...

Sheridan Joslin said...

I specialize in OOAK fine wire and gemstone jewelry. Some pieces are fun and whimsical, some are elegent and sophisticated. Something for any occasion and mood

I just officially opened my Etsy store a little over two weeks ago. I am working very hard to learn how to market myself. Your groundbreaking blog has been more than helpful in that regard. I'm still getting up to speed. There is a lot to learn. Thanks!

Lynette Fast said...

Well, you've got me blogging, social marking, commenting, participating in forums on ETSY, etc...etc....You're a real inspiration. Thank you so much for these opportunities.
My Etsy shop is unique one of a kind handmade jewelry for people that want something different from everyone else.

Olive Street Studio said...

Hi! We're a mother-daughter team living on Long Island and make chenille baby quilts and bears (among other adorable baby flannel quilts and burp cloths). We fully support other hand-mades and did most Christmas shopping through Etsy. We hope to feel the love in return, but have yet to have a first sale...All the exposure would be greatly appreciated!

Lisa Orgler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa Orgler said...

I think I missed your deadline...but wanted to thank you for continued information and opportunities!

My shop is Lisa Orgler Design. I sell whimsical illustrations and arrangements...through notecards, collages, boxes, etc.

I also have a blog at: Thanks!

The Pretty Peacock said...

I'm a day late..but didn't want to wait until next week (I'm fidgety that way)...I would love to be featured on your blog...
Handmade, hand stamped, personalized/customized jewelry in precious metals with a focus on eco-friendly materials. I love texture and subtle bling...OOAK, all the way!

craftersreport said...

The tote from your top ten is my favorite - it looks great!

Pinka said...

Okay, I finally figured this out! Oh boy, I didn't think I'd be this technology challenged at my age...
Anyway, your featured shop, Biku Designs, is amazing! I personally think she's a underpricing herself a bit.. but that's just my humble opinion. Make me feel that I've overpriced my stuff now! :-)

Deb DiSalvo said...

I would LOVE to be featured on one of your Saturday Super Shop Features! Jeez....just when I think there's nothing else you will do, you always have something new up your sleeve. Kudos to you and all you do for us sellers.

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