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Super Saturday Shop Feature (dec.27)


Here is our opportunity to grab some extra exposure for your Etsy shop.

Blog stats for the month of November:
11,000+ unique visitors
23,000+ page views
December is shaping up nicely too... so far:
18,145 unique visitors and 29,773 page views

Along with the full shop feature here on my blog.... I will be promoting your shop on my Twitter channel ..Which has 3268+ followers..
To get your shop in the running all I ask is you leave a comment on the
Saturday Super Shop Feature here... Tell me your top 5 goals for 2009!

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You must post in both places to be eligible for the feature:

I will be picking the shop at 2:15pm SHARP dec.27

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Super Saturday Shop Feature (greensprings)

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infraredstudio said...

my top 5 goals of 2009:

1. Expand out my Laser cut line
2. Make gift cards & paper good products for parties & bridal
3. Design men's ties
4. Potentially quit my day job and go back to freelance design & jewelry making
5. Expand my retail sales/opportunites

risa said...

Top 5 goals:
1.Expand my Etsy shop to include my original artwork
2.Be selected as a finalist for St.Paul Art Crawl poster competition
3.Be selected for MN State Fair Fine Arts competition
4.Have own public art exhibition
5.Sell 6 paintings

Etsy shop: said...

My top 5 goals for 2009 in business;

1.)net 40,000
2.)finish first book and start second
3.)Design and create a 2 foot, positionable, art doll
that will make Tim Burton jealous.
4.)Post more then 5 blog posts per month
5.)Have a fun, attractive, consistent monthly newsletter
Thank you for your consideration!

gretchenmist/belkemp said...

my top 5 goals for 09 are:
1. make some acrylic paintings on board.
2. offer gift certificates.
3. expand my print range.
4. make more collage work.
5. put more effort into marketing!

umlauf said...

I'd love to be considered for the Super Saturday Shop feature!

For 2009, I have some big plans for my shop!

In no particular order, my top 5 goals are:

1. To expand my papergoods and home-decor product lines.
2. To become an efficient, confident worldwide shipper.
3. Be a vendor in at least 4 craft shows. (I'm a complete newbie at the craft-show circuit!)
4. Sell items on commission at two b&m shops.
5. Become proficient at bookbinding!

M. Adam Kendall said...

My top goals for 2009:
1. Start blogging the photography process I follow
2. Launch my site:
3. Locate other outlets for selling
4. Bring more "photos for guys" to Etsy
5. Use my other sites with high google pagerank to my advantage

My shop:

Maybeads said...

Hi TimothyAdams! Ok, here goes:

1. To reach 500 sales on Etsy.
2. To research other online venues where I can sell my beads, and maybe even sign on to one.
3. To continue with my line of critter beads, but also make some more bead sets and earring pairs.
4. To take another lampworking class and learn to use silver foil and other techniques.
5. Sock all my earnings away to put toward a studio.

BBesigns said...

Top goals for 2009

1. Launch my website
2. Sell more wholesale
3. Increase my invitation business
4. increase my etsy sales
5.Improve my marketing skills

Janice said...

1) Start a new site featuring my beads and jewelry with wholesale access.
2) Write a how-to article for Art Jewelry magazine
3) Do 6 bead shows in 2009
4) Collaborate on a new line with another artist
5) Increase my blog readership in 2009

catldy said...

1. Start having a lot more beads items under $10 on etsy
2. Online success or bust!
3. Get my entry done for the ISGB Bead and Button contest
4. In general be more sensitive to the needs of others
5. do more fine silver items

Liz @ Lush Beads said...

Top 5 goals for 2009:

1) Develop ACEO line for my shop
2) Create a concrete and detailed marketing plan for 2009, including timeline and budget.
3) Creative time should not be pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Make more time for play time!
4) Make studio and selling space more visually pleasing by better hiding storage areas. (Alternately, clean up storage space and make it neater.)
5) Develop new classes to teach at my shop.

Etsy shop:

AnastasiaC said...

love your blog and great etsy articles!!
here are my 5 goals for 09
1. Reach 200 sales on Etsy
2. Blog at least 3 times a week - not hard - i love blogging!
3. Try new pieces/art - collage art, prints etc
4. Be creative everyday!
5. do at least 2 creative short courses

CreationsByRobin said...

Hi Timothy!

1- My goal is to reach my 150th, 200th and 250th Etsy sales in 2009. (currently working on more new items to add this weekend)

2- Maintain both of my blogs and increase the frequency of my blogging.

3- Improve the quality of my work and my images.

4- Open my new shop.

5- Add at least 5 more quality craft fairs to my schedule, while working smarter and spending more quality time with my husband and our two sons.

magickalrealism said...

1. Exposure
My sister is doing craft fairs for me in Indiana while I do them in Minnesota. I'm going to try to get featured on 5 blogs a month/60 total blog features this year. I am continuing to write a perfume column at the Rebel Perfumer and I've recently picked up a new writing gig at VivaLaModa magazine.

2. Increased sales
I want to meet my 1000th official customer (as opposed to item sale) this year.

3. Introduce my unscented products line along with a fan-based perfume line for people who love the show Supernatural.

4. Create a chart to better inform my customers about what they're selecting before they try it.

5. Improve my business blog so that it's bookmark worthy/link worthy.

QuirkyDolls said...

1 Bring more traffic to my blog
2 Networking with Moms of girls ages 5 to 13
3 Add a new doll kit style every two weeks
4 Relist items twice a day
5 Begin mailing out a newsletter (I have a signup and list started)

Linda said...

1. Take better photos (getting better)
2. Investigate other online sales sites and promotional techniques
3. Design more unique items with new techniques, wire wrapping
4. Consider adding candles to my shop (love making them)
5. Get more sales and hearts

Adorebynat said...

My goals for 2009:
1.Offer other papercrafts on top of the existing handmade cards.
2. Establish my store in Dawanda and Artfire
3. Have my own website
4. Blog daily
5. Have my cards in local stores

Robin said...

How about I say that my last goal for this year is to be featured on your blog... And now I get Five more for the new year!

1. Sell prints like hot cakes!
2. Sell out at an art show!
3. spread out all over this dang 'ol internet and leave a trail back to my etsy site every time I venture out... Tons more views-tons more sales!
4.By April 29th I will be steady making at least one solid sale a week.
5. Build that freight train momentum!

Thanks for doing this.



Simply Tempted Bath and Body said...

1) Start a family
2) Condense my soap section and create new ones
3) Bring out 2 new product lines
4) Organize my shop
5) Not spend so much time on the computer

Gabbriella said...

Top 5 goals for 2009...
1. Get my Sampler Box off & running by connecting the consumer with the artist.
2. Begin working on Seasonal items months before they are needed.
3. Push my items to the Boutiques in the area.
4. Do more Craft Fairs (it really can be fun!)
5. To get closer to my retirement goal so I can quit my 40+ hour week job & design & create all day long! In between each one of these I need to learn how to relax & not sleep with my laptop anymore LOL!!!
Tim thanks for the opportunity to sit & think of my goals...I had them in my head but never wrote them down! Have a wonderful day!

Maryam said...

My top 5 Etsy goals for 2009:

1. Get more exposure! I need to figure out a better way to market myself...

2. Add at least 1 new item per week.

3. Sell, sell, sell!

4. Get my blog started and commit to updating it regularly.

5. Branch out into other work, I.e. Notecards, etc.

My etsy shop:

Brilliant Stranger said...

My etsy shop is called artifactory because I love digging for treasures and making art!

These are my top 5 goals

1. Make five times the sales I did in 2008
2. By posting better photos
3. By networking and creating an online presence
4. Create some one of a kind special event Refab pieces,
such as wedding gowns and prom dresses
5. Remember to have fun and a sense of humor

find me at: and...

JoJoBell said...

I am very excited about 2009. Although I have many new goals and ideas here are my top 5...
1. Develop a schedule, one flexable enough to stick to.
2.create a mailing list for clients.
3.Focus on off line marketing.
4.Launch my new copper jewelry collection
5.Remember to take my new sketch book I got for Christmas with me everywhere I go!

Happy New Year!

beadinbabe said...

Top 5 Goals For 2009:
Many ideas..and 5 Goals :-)

1. Make my goal of 400 sales.
2. Figure advertising out and start placing PW ads.
3. Start a consistent mailing list for customers.
4. Update all my photos and create a 'theme' within my shop.
5. Work on my blog, to create something that has a presence on the oh-so-huge internet. :)

Jess said...

Hi Timothy! My top 5 goals are:

(1) Quit my corporate America day job! Not because I think I can make it full time crafting (yet, hopefully), but because it is just an awful environment that sucks out your soul.
(2) Paint more and expand into more wildlife themes, which have always been my Achilles heel when it comes to Chinese brush painting.
(3) Experiment with some Chinese knotting jewelry -- up to now, I've focused on decorative pieces for the most part.
(4) Do a few craft shows, or at least one, since I've never taken part before and I think it would be an awesome experience.
(5) Try to do some more off-Etsy marketing -- I'm playing around with the idea of going to Brooklyn museums and marketing my handpainted cards as wholesale.

Sorry, I got a bit verbose with those... thanks!


claychic said...

Ok Timothy, I love your blog and this is my first time with the Super Saturday Shop Feature. Going over to Etsy to post my goals for 2009.
-Jenn aka ClayChic

Le Coccole said...

Hello Tim,
top 5 goals of 2009 for me:

1. doing as well as december 2008 :) on each month.
2. improve my english maybe with the help of a mother tongue teacher so I will not make exhilarat errors on blog posts.
3. relaxing.
4. making new exiting experience.
5. smiling and put it on what I do :))

Ron said...

1. Embrace myself as an artist
2. Commit to creating art on a daily basis
3. book at least one caricature gig a month
4. commit to marketing myself and my creative talents
5. Encourage my wife and help her to pursue her craft making and custom wedding invitations business.

kathleen said...

wireknot says:
well here it goes
1. keep working and improving my photos
2. continue building my blog
3. remain positive and optimistic
4. to list at least 2 new items a week
5. look into art fire

kathleen said...

wireknot says:
well here it goes
1. keep working and improving my photos
2. continue building my blog
3. remain positive and optimistic
4. to list at least 2 new items a week
5. look into art fire
find me at

mybirch said...

Super Saturday Shop Feature!

My top 5 Goals for 2009:

1. Finish a solid business plan to start my own B&M

2. Take on 20 new wholesale accounts

3. Do at least 2 markets a month

4. Reach 100 items for sale in my Etsy shop with 2 new products

5. Reach 1000 sales by this time next year! whoohoo!

renovia said...

crap I missed the deadline. That was QUICK Tim.

Double Brush said...

Hi Timothy,
Found your link on the etsy success email yesterday. I found your information on improving my kinda new etsy Hawaiian handmade gifts site so valuable that I signed up for your email tips:)


SillyDolphinsJewelry said...

Oh I'm too late to win anything, but I'll set some goals down anyway.
1. Expand my Etsy to include selling my Experimental Photos as well as Jewelry
2. Design and sell more 'up-cycled' , quality recycled items
3. Show photographs at 1 or more gallerys this year
4. List or renew on Etsy daily
5. Read my Etsy bulletins as they appear so I'm not missing out on any more of these type of opportunities to contribute!!


Kiiss said...

wow...always love reading your blog. :D

Ok, my top 5 goal for 2009:
1. Launch my webstore
2. Full time e-commerce
3. Craft and craft more
4. Grow my blog (stop being the lazy blogger)
5. More and more marketing

Lauren said...

1.Expand my store with a winder variety of my work.
2.Use more recycled materials.
3.Incorporate my collage art and collage cards into my online store.
4. Advertise. :)
5. Be able to use my creative drive to pay my expenses.

Cheers. Thanks. :)

Etsy shop:

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