Monday, December 8

Etsy Forum Search Tool

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In this next Etsy video tip you will find some tools to better your experience in the Etsy forums. I show you how to use a search tool in the forums to find key words on any page.. and I also highlight a few cool features found on Etsy Hacks


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Candi said...

As always great info Timothy! Thanks

SleightGirl said...

Very cool! Thanks!

Ian Malpass said...

Hi Timothy,

Thanks for talking about Etsyhacks - I'm glad you've found them useful!

A couple of things I find particularly helpful with the search-in-page function you talked about:

1. You can hit / and then just start typing, and it will find as you type.

2. You can go to Tools > Options > Advanced and check "Search for text when I start typing" and it'll skip even the "type /" bit - you can just start typing and it'll start searching. (It's smart enough to know not to try to search when you're typing into a text box on a form.)

3. You can hit F3 to repeat your last search (equivalent to hitting "Find Next" as you did in your video). But Firefox also remembers your last search between pages, so if you're scanning a series of forum pages you can just hit F3 until you're done with the page, click to the next page, hit F3 again, and repeat that without any additional typing or clicking.

I also wanted to clarify the meanings of the colour coding with the forum Etsy Hack you talked about. Threads you've read are green, and threads you've posted in are red. The script can't know what you've posted in before you installed it, so it only marks threads in red if you posted after you installed the script. I have an update to the script that's due for release shortly which will learn which threads you've posted in as you read through old posts.

The colours also change shade when there are new posts in the thread - dark green with bold text, and dark red with bold text - so you know when there's new stuff for you to read in the thread.

Thanks once again for promoting Etsyhacks!


storybeader said...

thanks for the quick, easy explanation. wondering why people love it so much. last post is a great time-saver!

Anonymous said...

Crazy coincidence Timothy! I just went to your site to find out some info on how to most effectively use Twitter and saw you used an Etsy thread I started in your video! Crazy! Keep up the great work.


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