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My 4 best Online Marketing Tools

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, promotion is super important. If you are not taking steps to promote your Etsy shop, you can forget the rush. I am going to discuss how I use my blog, Facebook, Twitter and Project Wonderful to promote my Etsy shop.

Blog talk:

I have been blogging for a little over a year. My blog has played a very important role in the growth of my Etsy shop. With my blog I have grown an e-mail list through my monthly giveaway.. This list has grown to 1300 people.. Last spring I held a product test with the small list I had at the time, which was 250. Long story short.. I sold 15 of the product test necklaces in less than 2 hrs. E-mail lists are very powerful!

Having a blog also increases your presence on the web for FREE..

Here is my main blog ( I have 5 others)


Facebook as a promo tool:

I recently joined facebook, and I have found to be a very powerful marketing tool. I use my facebook for networking and marketing my business, but you have to tread lightly. Facebook is cracking down on accounts that are doing this.. make sure your main account is set up in your name and not your business. You can set up a group for your business.. where you can promote all you want.

How i use Facebook:

> I make everyone my friend.. If they friend me back cool, if not...it only took me a second. In all reality I am just trying to get people to see my work.

> Once your friend list grows invite them into your group...where you can post discussions, and pictures. You can also create events...


Twitter is awesome!

I have been using Twitter for about 10 months...
This is another great way to gain FREE traffic to your shop.

>>Effectively using Twitter..

If you are going to use Twitter as a promo tool these tips are for you.

:: you have to follow as many people as possible. When you choose to follow someone it sends them an e-mail. They can then choose to follow you back... if they don't, oh well.

Steps to maximize your following:

1. use the search to find people with the same interest.. those people will most likely follow you back. I search for Etsy, shopping, fashion, and other related topics.

2. Restrict your follows to about 1000 per week. there is a limit on how many you can follow. You will find that about 1/3 of the people will follow you back.

3. After a week of following, go back and un-follow most of them.. keep the ones you would like to follow.. but lets face it... how can you really keep up with thousands of follows...

4. Once you have built your base of followers, you can start twittering.

.I like to do a lunchtime shopper post every day. It has resulted in direct sales and loads of traffic.

.I also post my blog posts and even treasuries that i have snagged.

.I still keep everyone updated with my everyday things.. like what i am doing and how my store is going..

here are my 2 twitters


Project Wonderful:

This has been one of my better tools.... I run multiple campaigns resulting in sales and tons of traffic. I run these ads all with money collected from ad space on all my blogs.

here is a rundown on the campaigns I run for my etsy shop.

:: I search for blogs and sites that include etsy, shopping, jewelry, comics. COMICS ARE MY LITTLE SECRET FOR YOU.. those have proven to have the best results.

:: then i search for sites/blogs that have more than 100 visits per day and an ad price .02 or less.

:: i run the campaigns for about 5 days... and set to only spend $15 total. Now keep in mind all the money comes from money I have earned from my other blogs.

Here are the results from the last 4 months for my etsy shop ad campaigns:

My ad was shown 697,568 on the sites... I had 1567 clicks. The cost per click averaged out to be .o1.. the total cost for 3-4 months has been $20.12.

Now keep in mind that most of these clicks are outside etsy clicks.. which is very important.

Well I hope all of this helps you prepare for the holiday season... These tools all help increase your web presence...

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ThreadBeaur said...

Great tips! I use project wonderful, but since I have not made much money on ads from my blogs, my budget is much smaller! I love to get your tips, because it motivates me to keep working, and promoting!

Gabbriella said...

Tim you are such a go getter! I admire your knowledge & willingness to share ...thanks a bunch

dianem said...

Wow good tips, I have a hard enough time with just one blog. I do like projectwonderful.

hesslei said...

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maryeb said...

Thanks for the ideas. I've been blogging a few months now. I haven't seen a lot of sales from this but I enjoy it so I'll keep at it.
I haven't tried the other things but it sounds like they might be worth a look.

Ang said...

Gosh these are terrific tips. Sounds like you've been at this a lot longer than I have. Wow. That sounds like a lot of maintenance.

I am so glad I chose to follow your blog. Best of you with your business! I will come back and check out the links you posted here. Thanks!

Vita said...

great pointers! you are my inpsiration to keep promoting. And yes, blogging does really help. I have seen a tremendous increase in sales since I started.
Tremendous for me:) at least

Faanaraj (Internet Marketing Discount Club) said...


Thanks for sharing this great information about "Online Marketing Tools"

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