Tuesday, October 14

Etsy Front page (camera earrings) Stats

I just happened to catch these on the front page at the start. A fellow Etsian missindie sent me a convo letting me know the cameras were on the front page....
here are the stats:

Time line run down:

Total shop views thanks to majaba

  • 11:00-----start number 350
  • 11:05=497 views
  • 11:06=510
  • 11:15=593
  • 11:20 = 644
  • 11:40 = 953
  • 11:51= 1059
  • 12:01= 1117
Total number of shop views....767

Total item views on the camera earrings = 338

Total shop hearts =29

Total items hearts= 24

No sales this time around..... but that was a ton of views so there could be some sales in the next few days as a result!

Tips for getting in those coveted treasuries....
As you all know to make the front page you have to make it into a treasury...
Here is what I have done to ensure I am in a treasury almost every day.

  1. Make sure your pictures are AWESOME... i have worked on my pics so much in the past year.... and i still have work to do.. but as a treasury maker is looking for items... they are looking at your pictures... they are trying to create the best looking treasury.. having sweet pic will help a ton...
  2. Be active in the treasury.... the more treasuries you put together the better chances you will have to get picked for a treasury... the treasury is like a separate community here on etsy... oh and make sure you comment on other treasuries.... once again build that community!
  3. Be active in the forums... will help your shop get noticed by other Etsians..... because the treasuries are made by etsians....

Here are a few top things I do everyday to increase traffic.

On an average day without a front page spot I average 400+ views to my Etsy shop.

1. Renew 2 items. I like to renew at 11:30 am and any time after 5pm. I renew items that generate the most views. My cameras and my trees seem to be the best. I average about 20 views on the renewed item before it gets buried.

****Etsy front page tip….. if you are lucky enough to catch your item on the front page quickly add more to the quantity… this will insure the max exposure generated from the front page. See when you are on the front page and that item sells it gets replaced.

2. I promote my monthly giveaway. This is run on my blog: http://timothyadamdesigns.blogspot.com
I give away 2 of my necklaces each month. I have generated an e-mail list of about 1100 just from my giveaway. People can subscribe and unsubscribe if they want. This system is all automated which I love. I use Salesautomator.com

3. Promote in the forums. I have posted in 3789 threads so far. I like to participate in all areas of the forum. Being active keeps your shop visible.

4. I also use Project Wonderful to place ads for my shop and my blog. Pw is a great way to generate traffic at a low cost. Finding the right blogs and sites to place your ads on is the key. I never spend more than a few dollars a week and generate hundreds of hits. I am spending one penny per click.... i find this better than Google Adwords..where you can spend way more! PW is important traffic, because it is not Etsy traffic.

5. I run 4 blogs.


Now I try to keep them updated everyday…..but. you know how that goes. Each blog I run has links and ties to my Etsy shop.

Some of the topics I blog about include:
artist features
cool stuff I find
new products
blog tips
etsy tips
product reviews
how to videos
and much more…….

Along with blogging I leave comments on other blogs with my link back to my blog. This generates traffic later down the road.

Ok there you go that sums up my day online….. oh then I have to design and make all my metal!

thanks for reading.....



Kristin said...

After I was on the front page I had views similar to yours and ended up getting several sales within the next week and into another treasury.
Congrats and good luck!

Cindy said...

Great info! Nice of you to do that! Good luck also with the sales!

Caroline said...

thank you for the advice. I was picked for a treasury once, and was very surprised and happy.

I haven't been able to create one myself yet, I never seem to be able to get the timing quite right, and my firewall at work doesn't let me get to the treasury, so I can't check from there... :(

But I haven't given up yet!

trujillonan said...

Great info. I love making treasuries and I love being in them. Your advice is ourstanding!

VintageGent said...

Congratulations. That's great exposure.

funkyluke said...


funkyluke said...

you rock

maryeb said...

More great info. It's very encouraging to hear how well all of this works for you.

Destiny said...

No matter how many of your sites or pages I read, I learn something new.

You ROCK Timothy!!!!

JennyStench said...

seriously helpful. thank you so much!


michelle said...

I found this information very useful , thank you.

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