Tuesday, October 21

3 Marketing Habits For Wealth Building

Top 3 Marketing Habits For Wealth Building
by Lori Osterberg

1. Take responsibility for your marketing.
Marketing doesn't just happen. No business ends up at the top of success without planning for it and making it happen. Instead it takes work.
You have two ways of finding success.
First, you can start out by finding mentors and following their lead. Attend their classes. Read their books. Watch their videos. Study their websites. Follow their trails. Do what they do, and eventually their ideas rub off on you. This isn't a quick way to success. But it can lead to a highly successful business over time.
Second, hire the best. If you don't want to invest the time it takes to learn from those around you, and don't want to spend years reading up on what they do, there is a faster way. Hire experts that can get you in the quickest way possible. And make sure the experts can explain to you in simple terms why they do what they do, and what it will do for you.
In either case, you need a clear understanding of what you're doing and why.
Time vs. Funding. You can get their either way, its up to you how fast you want to get there.
2. Schedule time for your marketing.
Everything takes time. If a client wants a portrait, you schedule the time on your calendar. Do you do the same for your marketing tasks?
Set up specific days for each thing you need to do. For me, Monday's are organization days. I organize my tasks for the week, write my ezines and program them, and write blog posts. I also spend one hour every day visiting social sites and making connections. This is preprogrammed into my day.
You can't expect to get it done unless you make the time to do it.
3. Use a proven marketing strategy.
Nothing is harder than starting from ground zero. If you've never run a small business before, how do you know what to do next?
If you decided to take a vacation, you would have clear steps. Start a savings account. Research locations. Purchase tickets and a hotel stay. Research things to do. Your list would probably grow pretty quickly.
Just like you can't go on vacation without planning, neither can you build your business without a proven strategy. And the better plan you follow, the more likely you'll achieve success.


maryeb said...

These all sound like great ideas; some I'm doing and some are new to me.

Half an Acre said...

you have some very useful info on here - especially the Twitter tips - i've just joined it but not sure how to use it!

I've tagged you too .....

LeaKarts said...

So true. Working for yourself can be really overwhelming as far as prioritizing tasks and using your time wisely. My day planner is my best friend! (As long as I keep my to-do lists at a reasonable length).

celisa said...

it's all so true. i've especially learned the value of making connections...making yourself visible.

thanks for the info!

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