Sunday, October 19

Some metal for the ladies

Women's Flower Belt Buckle

by: Timothy Adam Designs

Here is the first in the Women's belt buckle line. This flower buckle is %100 handmade. Each flower is riveted to the 1/8 steel. It is finished with a durable clear enamel.

Size: 1 3/4 inches tall 4 inches wide
This buckle will fit a 1 1/4 belt.


A Thyme To Bee Comforted said...

Awesome buckle!! Love it!! I will have to save my pennies for it!! Hehehehe or sell a lot of food and jewelry!!

Gabbriella said...

OUTSTANDING!!! Now if only sales pick up so I can be an owner of one! Keep dreaming up new ideas Tim....

Jenn said...

Had a feeling this might get featured soon, just saw it in your shop a day or so ago. LOVE it!!

Mani said...

Beautiful buckle! Yes women have love for flowers! Great selection for buckle.

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