Friday, April 18

Recycle those bottle caps

Today's find on Etsy Bottle cap art........

Whistle Philippine Dad by loranscruggs

Dads root beer cap, a red tin and Philippine mango nectar tin combined to make this one of a kind Fathers Day gift.

**He's a little scared and shy when it comes to having his picture taken, i think thats why he looks so freaked out. He is in good spirits tho waving hello or meep in robot.

Blue Robot - bottlecap pinback button by CrankyPickle

**Looking for something hip for your fridge? By using recycled bottle caps, gorgeous paper and metal components are artfully arranged under a think layer of resin. Strong enough to hold up photos, shopping lists or your kid's creations. Would make a great gift for anyone!

Hipster Magnets by villadesign


Amy Lilley Designs said...

when we were kids growing up in NY, in the playgrounds, there was a game called 'scully' would melt crayon wax into bottle caps, sometimes, put a little extra piece of metal in there for some weight, and there would be a mean 'knock your bottle cap out of the circle' game...ahhh, such simple innocence...such a vivid the magnets!!!!

Artyfax said...

I have been saving bottle caps for some time since seeing them used in a "crafty" way. Never got around to using them tho'. I will have to see waht I can do after seeing your postings - John

Adam Kamerer said...

Those are really neat, and I think, a great way to recycle materials that would otherwise just end up in a garbage dump somewhere.

Villa Design said...

Hey cool! Thanks for including my magnets. I've become a resin addict that's for sure. :)

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