Tuesday, April 22

Metal Earth Day

Timothy Adam Designs is doing their part to promote Earth Day...%90 of the metal used in all the designs are constructed from scrap metal...

here are the metal facts brought to you by....recycleroom

  • About 630 steel cans are recycled every second!

  • Steel cans can be recycled in more than 20,000 locations across the country.

  • Steel cans are used to package more than 1500 different kinds of food - everything from apples to zucchini. Steel cans are also used for paints and aerosol sprays, bandages, and shoe polish. Even oil filters are a form of a steel can.

  • Stack the nearly 19 billion steel cans recycled in 1996 end to end, and you would have a line stretching from here to the moon and back more than three times (based on a can height of 5 inches).

  • Steel cans contain 25% recycled content and are completely recyclable.

  • Appliances:

  • More than 46 million appliances - including old stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers - were recycled in 1997.

  • The amount of steel recycled from appliances in 1997 would equal the amount needed to build 88 new baseball stadiums the size of the new BancOne Field in Phoenix, AZ.

  • The steel weight of the average refrigerator is 100 pounds; the average weight of a 10 year old is 75 pounds.

  • There are more than 12,000 places to recycle out-of-service appliances across the country.

  • Because of steel, you can display your latest artwork on the door of the refrigerator. Steel's magnetic attraction also makes it one of the easiest materials to recycle.

  • Autos:

  • The number of cars recycled in 1997 alone - nearly 13 million - would cause a traffic jam circling the Earth more than one and three quarter times.

  • Recycling just one car saves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone.

  • Virtually every car taken off the road today is recycled - thanks to the steel and iron content!

  • It takes about 45 seconds to shred the average automobile into fist-sized pieces of steel for recycling.

  • The automobile is the most recycled consumer product in the world today.

  • Here are some steel trees for Earth Day!

    japanese cherry tree by TimothyAdamDesigns


    Nodin's Nest said...

    Now thats a list of Earth Day stats. I never heard before! Thanks for enlightening me, Happy Earth Day!

    TheRagtreeCompany said...

    I'd take your trees over that junky old car ANY day :) I LOVE your work!

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