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Sea Glass Things Critique



here it goes..

first: lets start at the top...I love your banner...the pictures are clear and the words are really tells the shopper what is in your shop!

second: your shop announcement is just a bit can put your teams in your profile....try a slogan or a shop saying to give your shop some more branding!

Third: Profile...Your profile is great....lots of info!!

Fourth: Your avatar also is very cool......


first: You have a good number of items..great selection of categories.

second: The all important TAGS...You need to use all 14 tags every time. the key is to keep them relevant so you are not abusing the poor tags! when you don't use all 14 that lowers the search possibilities for that item. Also put your shop name as one of the tags!! This will help if in searches....

third: Your pictures look great, but you need to use all 5 seem like overkill
sometimes, but the pics are what sell the item. Make sure your first picture shows all of the item when it is in your shop ... here is an example. when you are looking through your items you can't see the whole pendant..

Fourth: Your shipping prices are spot on!!

lets drive some traffic to your shop!!

***First...don't go a single day without renewing an item....this brings your item to the top of

the list in the search. it will cost you $.20 but it is worth it..find out what item gets the most
views and renew it everyday. the best time to renew is at noon and after 5pm. Right now there are 21,360 jewelry items in the jewelry category. you have to been seen! Be sure to find items that get the most views...the point behind renewing is to get traffic to your shop..if you renew items that don't views there is no point....for example when i renew my camera i can expect 10-15 views before it gets i renew those often.

*** Heart every shop...I just hit 3100 hearts. i like to heart new shops cause newbies like to buy things to get some feedback...this will get you noticed more around the community.

**** be as active in the forums...when i first started i was nuts...i have posted in over 3200 works trust me...when you think it doesn't it does. the best way to get exposure in

the forums is to start a thread your self.

**** try some sales...there is always a sns running on saturday nights in the forum.

**** Try looking through some treasuries, and leaving comments. And if it is possible try grabbing a treasury of your own.

**** I see your blog is looking great..

Sea glass is a member of is the info:

: Time for some traffic tips….. have a look at . There are a ton of Etsy bloggers joining, i have been a member for a few months and have seen a steady increase of traffic flow.

Blog tip some social proof...encourage your readers to leave comments.

Blog tip #3.....try a contest/giveaway...and promote it on works!

Thanks Sea Glass Things for a great Review/Critique....

Don't for get to leave a comment on the


Larky Lady said...

As usual, some GREAT tips for all of us to follow. What a lot of help you give us! Thank you.

Thoughtful Hearts said...

Dear Timothy,
You have a great way of looking at someone's shop. A fresh eye is always nice...but you give ideas, tips, suggestions in a very positive way.
I am fairly new to Etsy, I've learned alot from those with gentle conversations such as yours.

AMIdesigns said...

more great advice. trying hard to follow it

Bellastar1117 said...

Great review! Its is great to get comments from someone who has had success. I love Seaglassthings shop!

Felt Sew Good said...

Thanks Timothy,
Once again some great advice. I'm still fairly new to Etsy and I'm just starting to work on my blog. your tips are very helpful.
And Seaglassthings. . . Ilove your work.

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