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Critique for BellaRhysDesigns

here it goes..

first: lets start at the top....I like the idea of your banner..the black with the bright colors

looks great..i would try to bring the lampwork beads more in, so you can see more of them.

second: your shop announcement is perfect...long announcements are never good. Try coming up with

a slogan or a shop saying.

Third: Profile...Your profile is great....


first: Your shop is new, so your item number is low. keep working on adding more items so

customers will have more of a selection.

second: The all important TAGS...You need to use all 14 tags every time. when you don't use all 14

that lowers the search possibilities for that item. Also put your shop name as one of the tags!!

third: Your pictures look great, but you need to use all 5 seem like overkill

sometimes, but the pics are what sell the item. Also for your key chain pictures try to have the

whole item in the thumbnail.

Fourth: Your shipping is a bit high... i would lower it a bit, and see if that helps.

lets drive some traffic to your shop!!

***First...don't go a single day without renewing an item....this brings your item to the top of

the list in the search. it will cost you $.20 but it is worth it..find out what item gets the most

views and renew it everyday. the best time to renew is at noon and after 5pm. Right now there are

21,360 jewelry items in the jewelry catagory. you have to been seen!

*** Heart every shop...I just hit 3000 hearts. i like to heart new shops cause newbies like to buy

things to get some feedback...this will get you noticed more around the community.

****You can also buy some items to get some feedback, exposure, and it is always fun to buy!!!

**** be as active in the forums...when i first started i was nuts...i have posted in over 3000 works trust me...when you think it doesn't it does. the best way to get exposure in

the forums is to start a thread your self.

**** try some sales...there is always a sns running on saturday nights in the forum.

**** Try looking through some treasuries, and leaving comments. And if it is possible try grabbing

a treasury of your own.

**** I see your blog is fairly new..have fun with it...and read my tips!! haha

**** the last tip i have for traffic is a little plug for The Handbook to Handmade.

With 175 etsy artists featured in 5 volumes, the handbook to handmade is a small cut of very

talented artists from around the world.

"the handbook to handmade" is a monthly volume of 35 ETSY artists and their shops...this is a

promotional tool that is used to help promote artists and etsy. the first volume was a success,

with a great mix of artists from 35 different cities from around the world.

now it is time for volume 6:


The handbook to handmade vol 6
official blog:

well i hope these tips help!



TotusMel said...

Really great tips. I did a lot of the things you mentioned when I first stared out & they really do help. I've still got a way to go, so I'm sure to implement a few of your other tips.

island sweet said...

i think you covered all the basics. i've also found showcases work for me. i've had 3 sales from 5 showcases and so many hearts and views. where else can you get international advertising for $15.00?

Anonymous said...

TinkersTrinkets says:....I concur with most of your insightful 'tips' provided here. And...I have been ardently following your suggestions. I, therefore, have NO IDEA why I am NOT selling. I have made some wonderful trades, however and that is what keeps me 'in the game', so to speak. I HOPE to hear from you soon, Timothy.....Thanks....Susan

magyarbeader said...

Very insightful critique. I plan to apply the suggestions to my shop and hope to see more success.

Tina said...

thanks for sharing these tips, they really are beneficial.

twigsandheather said...

Good tips. But I have a hard time hearting shops that I don't like. It just seems phoney. But, I have followed some of your other advice.
I am still new at Etsy. I have always sold my work through my own website. But I am playing the game.

bellastar1117 said...

You always have great positive tips. I have redone my shop following some of these and know that I am on my way. I look forward to the critiques evey week!

SassyStoppers said...

Great tips and a great new etsy shop! Thanks so much for your wonderful insight and TIME!!! Thanks!!

twobeans said...

I posted some feedback for this crit. on the blog page with the photos.
Thanks Timothy for providing these crits. they are enjoyable and informative

Gail said...

Great critique Timothy. I agree with everything that you said...especially the shipping charges.

If you follow Timothy's advice you're sure to increase your sales and exposure. I'm following all of the advice that he gave me and have noticed a difference.

Anonymous said...

great advice. i'm going to try renewing my most viewed item daily in the hope it sells.

amidesigns said...

more great advice. i have heeded your advice about hearting as many people as possible and have found a definate increase in views

Scribble It said...

as always, perfect advice! I hadn't thought about posting in the treasuries since i'm having a hard time nabbing one myself.

keep up the great work!!
thank you!

cassandra russell said...

My just posted this on my blog:

I could not resist making another free new avatar! This one is for BellaRhysDesigns and her lampwork jewelery which is definitely a must see. Her shop was the recent subject of critique by Timothy Adams Design. She is welcome to download this one and use it free of charge. An avatar is a little like a logo – it is how others will identify you on and potentially be attracted to click on and be sent to your shop. Making one that captures your products is a must. If you would like me to look at yours please feel free to contact me about it. more on:

Dreaming In Colors said...

Good tips again. I have added a lot of your suggestions to both my etsy shop and my blog. My traffic has increased but sales are terrible. I keep thinking it's the economy stupid, but Etsy is so saturated with sellers it's really tough to be noticed. I really could use your help~ Hannah and

sabrinassoaps said...

I think the critique was very insightful. It got me going on doing some brainstorming, and the wheels were a turning. Awesome

Mindy said...

Timothy, you always have such great tips! I'm sure BellaRhys is going to benefit from your comments (as will the rest of us!) And using your shop name as a tag is a GREAT idea....wish I had thought of it:) Thanks so much and best of luck to BellaRhys!

Millipede Bead said...

Thanks Tim for your tips. I've been trying to put all of them into practice even before I have the pleasure to have my shop be critique by you. This time I am going to Plug in the 'handbook to handmade' link, and a few other things.
thanks again!

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