Friday, November 9

what are the featured artists saying about the book!!


"I think the idea might be for the artists to share their books. By putting it in their studio for visitors to sit down and read while waiting, or at an artsy café where you live. Hence the phrase "Coffee Table Book".At least that's what I would do. I think it would be a fun and professional way to promote yourself and the Etsy community. And if you don't have a store front, or any connections at art galleries or cafés where you might put your book. Then maybe this idea isn't for you?Just my two cents. :)"


"think it looks like a great deal. If those of us who work with interior designers, architects, and other design professionals share it with those people, then it will be a BIG promoter.Hey, if Timothy Adams shares my images with his design professional clients, in a book form, then it will be well worth my $40. Will you do that?"

"Hmmmm.... Where will I take this book when it's printed? Well, I have an art exhibit in March, two summer workshops lined up and one more pending. So of course it will be available for those events. In between, I'll also share it with an interior designer and an art collector that I've done business with."

"I still think this seems very inexpensive. Showcase spots cost $7 and $15 for a mere 24 hours. If all 35 artists/sellers planned for the book shared it with one gallery, design professional, or buyer, each artist would potentially have much longer exposure to a well targeted audience."


"think this book could be a visual teaser for people who don't know about etsy. a cross section of sellers with cool things compiled in one is a great idea!"


"I have bought in and this is why I think it will be great...I plan on asking the local boutique where I have my stuff to have it out for a month (maybe people will buy it there...) but at least people can look at it while they are waiting to pay. It makes me look good because I am in a book and she can say that she carries my pieces in her store. I will also place a copy at the local coffee shop I go to and hopefully it won't get stolen, and people will look through it. I will then have my business cards on the bulletin board.This is not just for the 35 artists to stroke their ego...if all 35 artists use the book as a promo, it is a good promo for all of us. If you just put it on your coffee table at home...then, yes, no one will see it!!I cannot wait!!"


"i just signed up! what a great idea, timothyadam!"

"just thought of another place where this book will go (or several copies of it)... to our local Art center. They always have books for sale there.. and this is right up their alley....................."


"Think of the endless possibilities of promoting not just your own art but etsy as well. As etsy become larger and larger more eyes open to the public, the more sales ;)Have someone sponsor your your friends & famaily...after all it's for great cause..."Your Shop" aren't you worth it ?!"

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