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Promote Your Etsy Coupons for FREE on Etsy Coupons

Etsy Coupons
So you have your Etsy coupons all set, but how do you get more exposure and get these coupons in front of more buyers. is the perfect solution!
Etsy Coupons is designed for all Etsy sellers to submit and promote their coupon codes. Submitting coupons is free and simple.
Benefits of submitting your Etsy Coupons:
Etsy Coupons is brought to you by the team at Handmadeology.
1. Gives Etsy sellers a specific place to send their buyers to promote their coupon codes.
2. Etsy Coupons utilizes social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, and many more to promote submitted coupons. Your coupons will be seen by our vast social media reach.
3. By submitting your coupons here you will gain valuable backlinks to your Etsy shop that will help improve your Etsy shop SEO.
Etsy Coupons is a simple site to use. Here is a step by step walk through of setting up your account and adding your first coupon.
1. You want to register for a new account. Fill out the user name and email and you will be sent an email with your password and login instructions. You can change your password once you are officially logged in.
etsy coupons sign up
You will find your account info on the top of the site under My Account. Here you can change your password and add important info like, your website, and short bio.
etsy coupons account
2. Submit your Etsy coupon:
Once you have your account all set up, you are ready to add some coupons.
You can submit your Etsy Coupons HERE.
etsy discounts
Click the green button and you will be taken to the upload page.
Fill out the form entirely. Be sure to add the correct category and your Etsy shop link. If you don’t have your shop link added shoppers will not know where to use the Coupon code. Make sure you also enter the coupon code correctly. All of this info can be edited once your Etsy Coupon is accepted and posted by the admin. When uploading your picture for your coupon be sure to use a rectangle shaped picture. For the best results use a 280×210 size.
Etsy deals
* Tip: When you are creating a title for your Etsy coupon be sure you are descriptive. When these coupons are Tweeted and shared on Facebook, you want people to know what you are offering.
3. Managing and Editing your Etsy Coupons:
You can manage your coupons HERE.

Edit your Etsy Coupons
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