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Etsy Top 10 (2009 Final)

Etsy Top 10

64 weeks.... 640 shops featured, 115,70+ views, and over 71 direct sales that I know of! I just want to thank everyone that takes part in the Top 10.. I look forward every week to looking through all the Etsy shops and picking my Faves!

Etsy Top 10

This past weeks Top 10 items received so far a total of 1834 + hits and 2 SALE !!!!
  1. The Emperor Seat 
  2. Mookaite Jasper Pendant (SOLD)
  3. Antique Gold
  4. Red Hot Feather Rug
  5. Brown and Blue Cashmere  
  6. Red Garnet 
  7. Frog Princess Pattern 
  8. Cotton Candy Swirl
  9. Harvest Leaves 
  10. Knotty Bark Scarf
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Hollie May said...

Antique Gold Chain Necklace with Groovy Pendant

just gorgeous!


Unknown said...

Love that antique gold...groovy pendant!


Cakes and More said...

THis is my favorite by far... the colors and detail are amazing!

Granny said...

I am a crocheter, don't knit very well, but I really like the knit pattern in the Knotty Bark Scarf.

Valerie of Mistflower Photo said...

This was a tough decision, but The Emperor Seat won me over when I saw it was made from recycled wine barrels!

Linda Hammelman said...

Love Harvest Leaves in Gold necklace. Unique and looks very well made. Also there is some size to this piece which makes it more dramatic.

Do you every feature 2d paintings? There are many fine painters on Etsy.

EyeDesire said...

I love Frog Princess Knit sweater. So pretty and beautifully made!

Lauren said...

My favorite is the Cotton Candy Swirl pendant, which also sold - not surprised!
Thanks for considering my shop!

Iroquois Designs said...

I am a sucker for cashmere, and I have to say the cashmere scarf is awesome. I love the color combination, so that would be my favorite. The empire seat was pretty great too.

spinalfusion said...

love the purple amethyst earrings by Sleepy Moon. nice style and construction!
marsha spaniel

Julieta said...

My fav... from las week is this Cotton Candy Swirl - Fused Glass and Silver Pendant. love it

The Erstwhile Urchin said...

Gothic Ragdoll Urchin Zombie Dolly Dress


Elle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elle said...

My favorite is the cotton candy swirl. The pendant is a pretty unique design and I'd definitely purchase it.

Please consider my shop for the next Top 10:

Iris McWilliams said...

I have to say, I am totally in love wiht that Emperor seat. :) Love the fact that it tis recycled wood!

Iris :)

Nature Manipulated said...

The knotty bark scarf is my favorite!

Nature Manipulated

Happy New Year!

mLindvall said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Johanna Starnes said...

Very nice! My favorite is the Knotty Bark Scarf. Love it!

mLindvall said...

I Adore the Frog Princess sweater...wish my little (15 year old) girl was still young enough to wear it!

Would love to be considered:

Annemiek - TwoTrees said...

The frog pattern, just great!


Unknown said...

The Antique Gold necklace was absolutely stunning - thanks for your top ten list, really great items!

Unknown said...

oh btw I'm

would really love to be considered for the top ten list

TataniaRosa said...

My favourite is the Cotton Candy Swirl. It's so unique.

seaphemera said...

My favorite by far is the stool - it is so beautiful. But second is the green knotty scarf, and although I'm not a fan of kids stuff - kudos to the seller of the froggy princess pattern for some really adorable photos.

Vicki Diane said...

The wooden Emperor seat is absolutely amazing !!
I love what you're doing here Timothy:D
Vicki xox

H & J said...

I love the red garnet earrings, but the cashmere scarf was a close second..

h and j star creations

KimsCraftyApple said...

My favorite is the antique gold chain beautiful!

grannysknits said...

I absoultely LOVE the brown and blue cashmere scarf!

grannysknits said...

I absolutely LOVE the brown and blue cashmere scarf!

Kari McDonald said...


The Emperor Seat is really unique and has a lovely form to it.

I would love to be considered!


Terrills Tiles said...

Terrills tiles

I love cotton candy and the emporer seat! You do really great work on this blog, congrats on your success.

Would love to be considered!

Terrills Tiles said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sherri said...

I love the Emperor seat - it is incredible!

Lucy said...


Unknown said...

Really like the Red Hot Rug

Meredith Laskow said...

I loved the Emperor Seat! The lines and artistry were both amazing.

Kristen said...

Brown and Blue Cashmere is just beautiful!! Happy New Year!!

Misobel (Mary) said...

I like the antique gold necklace very much!


Happy New Year

Blast From The Past Designs said...

I love the Emperor's Seat. Nice clean lines - excellent craftsmanship.

Anonymous said...

Would be nice if you posted images of the items also.

Jeanette Lin said...

Luv the brown & blue cashmere. Beautiful colors & looks very well made.

DRyan327 said...

I love the brown and blue cashmere scarf. It looks so warm and soft.


Polkadotmagpie said...

Love the cotton candy swirl, and finding charm's necklace.

Tanya said...

Harvest Leaves is definately my fave from this batch!

Would LOVE to be a part of the final TOP 10 Etsy Pics!

On Slender Threads said...

I like the Knotty Bark Scarf

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Harvest Leaves has my vote...:)))

Theresa said...

I really love the Emperor seat!

ST said...

I like no. 4.Red Hot Feather Rug
Esti - ST design

Alida said...

I loved the Harvest Leaves in gold...just wonderful!

Bagalicious said...

I love the Knotty Bark Scarf! So pretty!! Happy New Year!

Corinne @ Bagalicious

Challene said...

Oohh~ I love the Cotton Candy Swirl!! So Pretty!!

merrittgade said...

I love the Emperor Seat! Of course, it's a tough choice because everything is so beautiful.

Unknown said...

Maybe it's the cold, but my fave this week is the knotty scarf. It looks so soft & warm!

emily hope said...

love the brown & blue cashmere! just gorgeous.

rstudio said...

love the cotton candy swirl! glad to see it sold!

Erica Hopkins said...

I would love to be considered for your Top 10!!

I adore the Brown and Blue Cashmere Scarf, looks so warm and soft! Plus I love that color combo 8)

I also love the (Sold)Cotton Candy Swirl Pendant!

Erica Lynn

Baby Chick Designs said...

Great idea...we'd love to be considered!

Baby Chick Designs

Leslie@Zephyr Vintage said...

It is a toss up between the cashmere scarf and the antique gold necklace. I ADORE cashmere, but I also love the vintage design of the handmade necklace. your shop!

Here is my info...

Etsy shop:

Facebook fanpage:


Anonymous said...

I don't have any little girl for the frog princess sweater, but I love it! Love the models and photography, too.

Krissyanne Jewelry Creations said...

My favorite is the emperor seat! It's amazing.

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