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Advertising Your Etsy Shop - The Breakdown With John W. Golden

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John W. Golden is a digital artist that has been designing since the 80's.  John joined Etsy in July of 2006, and has sold over 8,000 items.  You can also find John's work in Target!  The Breakdown series is a ongoing series that goes behind the scenes of John's successful Etsy shop.   We will be looking at real questions from real sellers, and John is going to break them down and give his straight-up answer.   We will be covering a wide range of topics, but all will be geared to the success of your Etsy business.
Today's Breakdown -   John talks about advertising  your Etsy shop.
joyoustreasures says
First of all thanks for posting this thread! Very generous of you to do this.
Do you have any advice on how I can advertise to my market, or how to go about finding them? I have tried to get in contact with a few blogs that focus on books and reading, but got no response :( What other suggestions might you have?
I personally think that I need to start marketing off etsy, but don't have much experience with that!
Thanks in advance!
johnwgolden says
joyoustreasuries - If you can budget some money to purchase advertising on those blogs that you identified as good places to feature your work, you might find that they write a feature on your work. I don't ever spend much when I advertise on blogs, but only because I don't have much budgeted for doing so. If you can find that rare blog with lots of traffic and very affordable advertising, it can pay off.
Barring that:
If I was seller your product, and I had already tried the books and reading blogs, I would concentrate on trying to find and get in front of:
1) folks who love flowers and horticulture
2) folks who know folks who love flowers, etc.
3) Readers, of course
4) folks who know readers
And pretty much anybody else I could think of that could need a bookmark and likes flowers :).
I'd look for gardening blogs, specifically ones with a focus on gardening books. Don't know if those exist, but that's what I would look for.
If you have any kind of community in place, like this team, or a Facebook page, or Twitter, I would put out to those folks that you are looking for places to approach with your bookmarks. Ask if they have any favorite gardening blogs, etc.
I guess what I am suggesting is, since you have tried the places that you would expect to get a little traction generating exposure for your work, try some of the unexpected places.
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