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5 Minute Traffic Boosting Blog Post Ideas for Etsy Bloggers

Let's face it blogging can sometimes be difficult when you are just not sure what to write about. You always want to make sure you are engaging your readers with content that they want to read. Figuring out strong topics can be a challenge and will leave you frustrated. Like I always say , "if you are not enjoying your blog... you need to change it up and make it fun".

Strong blog topics that bring in readers do not necessarily need to be long. They just need to grab the attention of your readers.

3 characteristics of a strong 5 minute blog post:
  1. Attention Gabbing
  2. Involves other artist and blogger
  3. Promotes social sharing (facebook , twitter, blogs, ect)
Grabbing your readers attention:

This all starts with your title. Make sure your title tells your people exactly what the post is about. When your post is Tweeted and shared on Facebook, you want people to click. The second way to grab attention is with awesome pictures. Every post you ever write on your blog must have a picture. Pictures are crucial for Facebook. Wall posts with pictures have a higher click through rate than those without.

Get others involved promotes social sharing:

When you get other artist and bloggers involved in your articles, you are harnessing the power of numbers. If you feature one other Etsy seller, that seller will love the exposure and then spread the word around.

What if you could feature 10 or more Etsy sellers in one post?

Here are two strong 5 minute blog post ideas.

1. Featuring a Handmade Top 10 list.

Handmade Top 10 is a voting site that is brought to you by Handmadeology and is designed to help sellers improve their products and to bring the very best handmade, vintage, and supply items in front of buyers. Our voting system is allows anyone to add items from Etsy and vote. There is no login or sign up required, and is 100% free.

Once a list is finalized there is even more opportunity for exposure. This is where any blogger can come in and place a finished list in a blog post.

We understand the importance of sharing and promoting lists through social media. On every list open and closed you will find a promote button.

Here is what our blog post widget looks like: It is a clickable live widget that changes with the votes!

When writing about a top 10 list from Handmade Top 10, you will be including 10 other Etsy sellers. A post like this will take you only a few minutes to complete, but will give you the opportunity to grow your readership and increase your traffic. Spend the extra time to let the sellers know that you have featured them on your blog.

2. Featuring an Etsy Treasury:

We all know them and we all love them.. Etsy treasuries are a great way to spread the blog featuring love! There are thousands of treasuries to pick from when deciding which one to feature. The fastest way to add a treasury to a blog post is with Whale Shark Websites Etsy Treasury Tool. You can have a clickable Etsy treasury in a blog post in seconds! We have featured thousands of Etsy shops right here on Handmadeology using this tool.

Here is an example:

'Find the Beautiful' by kateemarie

great thanks to maechevrette for the title!

Blue Sunset - ONE OF A KIND ...

Huge 20 x 16 paper print - F...

Turquoise/Teal Ruffled Silk ...

Bronze And Sterling Silver O...

Dandelion Photograph, 8x10 F...

Vintage "ALL" Laun...

You Can Do It Pablo Picasso...

Felted slippers Green Meadow

rustic fern- ceramic focal p...

Magical Forest - labradorite...

Taj Earrings - Teal Green

Black Metal Staircase with T...

retired fishing boat connama...

Eco-friendly Hemp Bag with S...

Little Dreams On The Wing 8...
Remember there is strength in numbers, and featuring other Etsy sellers will help your blog grow in readership and traffic. Have fun with your blog and post items that you enjoy.... you have to look at your blog too!
 Article from: Handmadeology 

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