Friday, November 26

Looking for your Etsy Coupons -

 launched a few days ago and with the Holiday buzz, over 250 coupons have been submitted. EtsyCoupons is brought to you by Handmadeology.

1. Gives Etsy sellers a specific place to send their
buyers to promote their coupon codes. Buyers understand
coupon sites and EtsyCoupons makes it easy to copy and
paste coupon codes.

2. Unlike other popular coupon sites that don't link straight to your Etsy shop, EtsyCoupons allows sellers to upload pictures, unlimited text and html, and links directly to your etsy shop

3. Etsy Coupons utilizes social media sites like Twitter,
Facebook, Stumbleupon, and many more to promote submitted coupons.
Your coupons will be seen by our vast social media reach.

4. By submitting your coupons here you will gain valuable
backlinks to your Etsy shop that will help improve your Etsy shop SEO.

5. EtsyCoupons is FREE to use. Each seller will have an account where you can manage your coupons and see how much traffic your coupons is getting.

Here are some examples of some popular coupons from the site:

Etsy Coupons is a simple site to use. Here is a step by
step walk through of setting up your account and adding your first coupon.

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