Saturday, September 25

Modern White Hardwood Floors

Sticking with our modern theme throughout our new house, we decided to go with a white floor in the dining room.

I rented a drum sander from General Rent All in Massillon.

Modern white floors

sanding hard wood floors

You can see that the floor was in rough shape. I sanded this floor until it was smooth. The white product I used covers everything! You just want to make sure it is smooth to the touch.

Check out all the stains that were deep in the grain... these were never going to come up.

Go through before the first coat and fill any holes with wood filler. Do this before you sand.

sanding hard wood floors

sanding hard wood floors

White paint

This was a White Polyurethane from Ace Hardware. It is the best and it only costs $25. Wear your mask!!! This stuff is killer!

I cut in the edges with a brush. I did not have to tape the base boards, but your home my required it. Roll the rest of the floor with any roller nap.

White paint

After the first coat you must sand by hand, because it will be rough and you will have pieces of dust and fuzz and hair all over. Do your best not to get those things on the floor.It will happen, so the sanding step is very important. At this point you will also want to fill more holes, cause you will see more.

I put 3 coats on this floor. You want to let this set with out heavy traffic after the final coat for 72 hrs.

modern chairs

Here are the chairs that we are going to use in the dinning room. They will go around the large square metal glass top table that I am building.


planettreasures said...

The floor looks totally amazing! a lot of hard work but so worth it!
And the chairs are really cute.

Victoria said...

The floors look great, but I love your door in the first pic!

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