Monday, September 27

Goals Written Are Dreams Achieved

Mini Goals Chalkboard - Perfect Day - Grassy/Mossy

Goals written are dreams achieved:  There is something to writing down your goals.  When you use a pen or pencil, you can touch and smell it and you are turning a thought into a physical object.
Goal writting tips:
1. Stay positive.  The more positive your goals are the better.   Work for what you want to acheive in your Etsy shop, not for what you want to leave behind.   For example ” I didn’t make enough sales last month, I have to improve my sale” .  How about “This month will be my best sales month to date”.  Don’t remind yourself about what you didn’t accomplish.
2.  Detail, Details Details.  When writing your goals for your Etsy shop use as much detail as you can.  “I will sell 250 items in the month of December.”  “This holiday season I will design a new line of jewelry trees.” The more detailed you become with your goals, the more focused you can get.  You will be able to drive your focus toward your goals and reach them!
3.  Write – Rewrite – Tweet – Share – Blog . The more you write and rewrite your goals the better you will remember and work on your goals.   Keep your goals in the front of your mind, the tip of your tounge, and the “palm of your hand”.

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rosebud101 said...

Great tips. I'll be writing goals later today. Thanks.


Aah, the power of the positive.


Andreia said...

Great idea! I'll try it!

Niki Derro said...

Thank you so much. It's not so easy selling on the Etsy. Maybe still I'm new. But your tips today surely inspired me. I will try harder:) Thank you.

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