Tuesday, September 28

Embedded Etsy Pictures On The New Twitter

Twitter is rolling out the New Twitter to it's users.  There are some great new features, and one that will benifit Etsy sellers!  When you post a link from your Etsy shop the 5 pictures are now embedded right on Twitter. The only draw back to this is you have to use the long url you can't shorten it.  Click the pics to expand and see a zoomed in view!

You can see that when you post a link to an item the price and the pictures show up.  The pictures are clickable and link right to your item.  When you are reading through tweets you will see a small gray picture icon when you click it the right column will expand and show the pictures. 
Twitter did add a nice security measure.  If you click on a picture from someone you are not following there is a nice warning that pops up.


eyeshoot said...

That sounds like a great feature - I'm still on the old Twitter thought :-(

Keys and Memories said...

Thanks for posting- I will look into this new feature!

azie designs said...

I used a bit.ly URL on my Twitter, and the images still work - http://twitter.com/#!/aziedesigns/status/26793826409


- Ashley

Linda said...

I opted to try the new Twitter and much prefer it.
It will be even better once my new Mac is up and running, as right now I have an aged PC with the wrong size screen for almost every web page there is.
I need to wait for a new router from my ISP as the one I have is not for Macs.

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