Tuesday, March 16

My Etsy Story : A Few Things I Have Learned

Sunny Side Modern Necklace
Sunny Side Modern Necklace
My Etsy Story:  Timothy Adam Designs

I am a self taught metal artist, and a certified Mig welder. I started designing modern metal furniture in 2004, and  built my first piece in Baltimore with my sister-in-law who is a furniture designer. I found my passion in metal and kept on designing and building. I struggled for 4 years to make a name in local galleries in the Grand Rapids Michigan area. Then, a friend introduced me to Etsy in February of 2007. I started creating a jewelry line and have not turned back. In November of 2007 I quit my job because my passion was becoming a dream come true! I am now selling all over the world through my Etsy shop.  Over the years my shop has evolved into much more than furniture.  I currently sell jewelry, jewelry tree, earrings, belt buckles, clocks, and furniture.
What have you learned about business since you launched your Etsy shop?
When I launched my Etsy shop I had no knowledge of the internet except email and You Tube.  I have learned so many valuable lessons over the past few years.  What stands out the most and what I will never forget is to never stop believing in yourself.  If you have a passion for what you are creating and selling you will succeed.  Love what you do so you can do what you love!!

Tell us one piece of advice for new sellers.
If you are just starting out as a seller I highly recommend that you do some product searching and find out if your craft/product is marketable and selling. Check out your competitors on Etsy and other sites and see what they are up to.  Don’t copy what they are doing, but take note and try to figure out the path that got them to the level of success you are trying to reach.
Modern rebar chair
Modern Rebar Chair


ArtSnark said...

Fun chairs! Congrats on living the dream.

I'd also recommend either joining an Etsy team or find a friendly ongoing Forum thread to follow. You'll find many helpful sellers who are more than willing to answer questions and share their experiences.

Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

Everything you do is amazing from your craft to your knowledge about tools and helping us! Thank you so much! Have a great Tuesday! http://lafeshiddentreasures.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

great story...very inspirational!

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