Wednesday, February 10

Not this week for the Etsy Top 10

Well I am sorry to say that the Etsy Top 10 is not happening this week.  I have been working hard to launch my new site Handmade Spark.



Handmade Spark delivers useful and innovative information to handmade buyers and sellers. Our key goal is to introduce buyers and sellers to each other.  Additionally, we aim to inform people about the latest handmade trends, showcase the people and work that make up the handmade community, and educate sellers about promoting and buyers about finding great handmade goods all across the Internet.


Zara Taylor said...

Looks like a good website! I will definitely checking it out when its up and running:)

moxylyn said...

Hi Tim, the link has a letter off so I had to type it in to get to the site. Very nicely done! I'm bookmarking to check back in the near future.. I'm a bit crushed for time right now.. do you have a book/journal section? I didn't see one.

Amy Lilley Designs said...

Thank you Tim for the exposure!!!...the web-site looks great...and yet another launch!!!! Here's to continued success...:))

timothy said...

You can be the first in the journal /book section!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

I'm really liking this site! Great work Tim!

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