Friday, February 26

Increase Your Etsy Traffic

Picking apart your Etsy listings and improving them can help increase your Etsy traffic.
We’ve all been there, created a fantastic product, listed it on Etsy, and have been disappointed by the measly handful of views the item has received. You may even begin to question whether or not anyone’s even interested in your work. Chances are that, yes, they are, but for one reason or another they’re simply not being drawn in. The problem likely doesn’t lie with the product itself, but in how you present it to them. Instead of simply renewing your listing over and over again to the same results and increased frustration, consider tweaking the details of the listing itself to draw more customers before you renew it.  Read More
Article By:  Lisa


TrendieTreasures said...

Valuable info:) Great article!!

timothy said...

Yeah Lisa did an awesome job!!

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