Thursday, January 7

Handmade Compete Releases Etsy Item Critique System

Handmade Compete just released a new version with some awesome updates. Below you can see the run down of all the new features.

Version 0.85 (01.06.2010)

* New Features
o Item Critiques: Users can now critique item listings (description, pictures, and prices) to give a listing an overall rating. Ratings are displayed on the left when browsing through the HMC browser. Silver Tier members get the additional feature of seeing how the overall rating is broken down.
o Remember Me: HMC can now remember your username and password on your machine so you don’t have to enter it each time.
o Shelf Life: The average age of your listings is now visible on the sales screen.
o Listing Filters: On the listings screen you can now break down your listings by a number of filters including inventory and by section. Increased sorting functionality has been added as well
o Forum Tracker: The forum tracker has been adjusted and streamlined and now allows for tracking up to 8 forums.
* Bug Fixes
o Keyword Tool: Keyword results now sort correctly by monthly searches.

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