Tuesday, January 12

Etsy Front Page Stats (traffic & hearts)

Here is the most recent Etsy front page feature from my Etsy shop.
Thanks to terraworks for putting this treasury together.

All the stats were tracked using the Handmade Compete Desktop App.  You can see below that the item featured received 350 views on the day that it was featured on the Etsy front page.  My Elgin necklace usually sees about 5-10 views on average per day. 
Click on the pic to zoom

In the graph below you can see the overall views to my all my items on the day my item was featured on the Etsy front page.  With an average of 200-300 views per day, you can see the impact that the Etsy front page feature had on my Etsy shop. Also the number of shop hearts has increased.
Click on the pic to zoom


Christine's Beadworks said...

Interesting statistics. It was a gorgeous treasury as well. It's not often a treasury makes the front page with such rich background colors. Increased traffic is a fabulous benefit from these.

Splendid Little Stars said...

I love that treasury! The colors are wonderful! Thanks for the information about the application. most interesting.

Kathleen said...

Interesting... None of the treasuries I have been in have made it to the front page to the best of my knowledge.

EyeDesire said...

Congrats! Love those selections!
Thanks for sharing the stats too.

22 said...

that is a great treasury! i like how different it is from the trends of pale colors and softer themes. congratulations! i've dopped the hint rather loudly to my husband that my next potential birthday gift would be greatly welcomed if it came from your shop!

Alterity Button Jewelry said...

What a fabulous piece! You always come up with the coolest modern pieces that satisfy many markets!

etco said...

Beautiful Treausry! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Easily I agree but I think the brief should have more info then it has.

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