Thursday, October 15

Etsy Tip of the day (Being Featured on Blogs)

Tip By: Mama's Magic Studio : Blog

Tip#1 -- Join an Etsy team! The resources available through teams are really invaluable. Find one that is a good fit for you. Like most things, you'll get out of the team what you put in, so quality is better than quantity.

Tip#2 -- Many fellow Etsy sellers are willing to help with promotion and do so for free! For example, I run a Friday Feature at my blog, interviewing team members and other Etsy folks. I love learning more about fellow artists in the handmade community, and all folks need to do to be considered for an interview is contact me and ask; if I think the shop is a good fit for me, I'll send over the questions. It's nice to know I'm helping to spread the word about somebody else's wonderful work. I don't get tons of traffic to my little blog, but I'm getting more all the time. I also link it to my facebook page and I know of at least a few sales that have come about thanks to my Friday Features.

Tip By: om shanti : Blog
Linking my blog to my Facebook has been a huge help for me -- it exposes all of my Facebook friends to my blog page without them having to go and look themselves. I've gotten a lot of sales this way.

Tip By: Salzanos : Blog
I am still just learning, but I have to say that "tweeting" "facebook" and having my own fashion/art/jewelry blog are my main drives to my etsy store right now.

I feature other cutting edge artists in my blog and give tips of ways to help other artists on the blog and it is growing.! ;-) I am really excited.

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laglass said...

Thanks for the tips, as usual, I learn something every day.

ceejay said...

i'm so glad you're continuing with the Etsy Tip of the Day. Great advice today as always!

timothy said...

You are welcome Lidia!!

M.M.E. said...

Great advice. I totally agree with featuring artists. I feature Etsy artists weekly on my blog and am currently looking for more for the month of December. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

Jen said...

Thank you for sharing my tips today!

timothy said...

Sure thing Jen!! Thanks for submitting!

Linda said...
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Linda said...

The first tip mentioned joining a team.
I have a small Etsy team, which we like to keep to under 20. I am looking for 2 super committed Etsy/Artfire sellers at the moment. Check out to see what we do. I give tutorials, we work together on various ways to increase traffic to your shop and we have fun. If interested, convo me via Etsy or follow and DM me on twitter said...

I have a question to om shanti. How do you link your blog and facebook???
Thank you

piecesienjoy said...

I've been having a really hard time getting my views up on my etsy store. I really appreciate your tips!

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